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Suicide?...that last step is a doozy! **NEW INFO*** Parkour Accident

I posted this a few days ago, new information has come to light so i thought i would update you all.
At first it had looked like a suicide but as the Newspaper reported, the parents believed that this may have been an accident..

A 17-year-old Labrador youth who fell to his death from a Southport building site might have been involved in an extreme sport known as free running.

It is believed the shocked boy's parents told police their 'happy-go-lucky, larrikin son' had taken up the French-originated sport, known there as parkour.

Police are investigating the parents' statement, but have not been able to find any evidence to support their claim.

Parkour or free running is a physical art in which the runners attempt to pass all obstacles in their path in a smooth and fluid way.

Free runners interact with their environment, using movements such as vaulting, jumping, somersaults and other acrobatic movements.

Obstacles include walls and buildings, and free runners have been known to jump from two and three-storey walls, landing on their feet or rolling, commando style.

Originally an underground sport practised in run-down French housing estates, it has become more mainstream since appearing in the opening scenes of the latest James Bond movie Casino Royale.

It is thought the youth fell from near the top of the 32-storey building site in Brighton Parade on Sunday night or Monday morning.

Construction workers found his body about 9.15am on Monday.

A male free runner or traceur told The Gold Coast Bulletin last night that no one performing free running would attempt to jump from 30 storeys.

"He could have been up there doing other things on one of the high floors like swinging from scaffolding poles or something similar and he could have fallen by accident," he said.

"But he would not have been alone, that's for sure and it's likely someone would have been filming anything that he or others were doing."

But police said they did not have any evidence of anyone else being present and no one had come forward to say they were with the youth in the minutes leading up to his death.

The parents told police they did not believe their son would commit suicide.

Police said they had not found any evidence of depression or anything else that would suggest the youth took his own life.

"At this stage all we know is that he fell from a great height and we have been unable to establish the rest so far," said a police officer.

A recent episode of the top-rating BBC television show Top Gear, shown in Australia on SBS, featured a race between traceurs and a car through crowded city streets. The final scene shows a traceur performing a handstand at a precipice on top of the 13-storey Liver Building in Liverpool.

A group of traceurs is known to operate on the Gold Coast and their athletic and acrobatic moves can be seen on the popular internet video site YouTube.

The Gold Coast traceurs talk about their daily training in Surfers Paradise and Southport and about the injuries they receive during their free running.

In some cases, they refer to their mates as 'MIA' -- missing in action.

Free running is believed to have its origins in the teachings of French physical education expert Georges Hebert. French soldiers in Vietnam, inspired by Hebert's work, created what became known as parcours du combatant.

The modern sport was perfected in Lisses, a suburb of Paris, about 18 years ago by two teenagers, Sebastien Foucan and David Belle.

There aren't any rules, boundaries or governing bodies.

"Our motto," Foucan declared, "is no violence, no competition, no groups, no chiefs."

Foucan and Belle are now famous media stars who have featured in dozens of shows and commercials.

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