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Motorcyclist run over in Tel Aviv

A news story from Kveldsnytt (May 7, 2007 @ 23:00 on NRK1 in Norway) regarding a motorcyclist who was run over in Tel Aviv, Israel. The incident was captured by traffic cameras, which clearly shows many cars (over 40) just passing by the dying motorcyclist, minding their own business. It took a while before some pedestrians finally went over to him to see how he was. The 63 year old guy ended up dead in this intersection.

Translation of non-English segments:
[Anchorman]: A tape from a surveillance camera makes big headlines in Israel. A dead motorcyclist remains laying in the middle of the road for quite a while, but no cars stop. Now, the debate is on in Israel whether people have stopped caring.
[Reporter voice-over]: Pay close attention on the motorcyclist coming in from the left. [pause] He ended his days here, in a four lane intersection in Tel Aviv.
[Police officer, subtitled]: The motorcyclist rolled under the wheels of the truck. Another tow truck left the scene. We are investigating whether this truck was involved in the accident.
[Reporter voice-over]: Maybe the police should also talk to the drivers of the next fourty cars passing the motorcyclist. Car after car slows down and drive straight past the 63 year old man laying motionless on the road, but nobody stop. [pause] The debate continues in Israel, who likes to consider themself a caring nation, whether the country has become a society where people only care theirselves, without care for others.
[Other motorcyclist, subtitled (clarified)]: I think people are running over places, going to work, and they are becoming very individualist, and maybe they won't stop but it will take them more time to stop (sic), like they do in Paris or New York or anywhere.
[Reporter voice-over]: Finally, some people go closer to the scene and call for an ambulance, but already then, it's too late. The motorcyclist is already dead.

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