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Israel is Sudan's no. 1 enemy....???
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According to the president of Sudan the state of Israel is their no. 1 enemy, he also declared he will never normalize the relations with Israel- What he keep forgeting is that there are about 15,000 migrants from his country (togheter with about 40,000 migrants from Eritrea) staying and living in Israel for the past several years... In many cases such migrants were saved by the border IDF soldiers, after Beduoins were abusing them or Egyptian soldiers tried to kill them.

Most of these migrants are living in Tel-Aviv,Eilat and Arad. In Tel-Aviv they are staying mostly in the poor areas around the central bus station, and every one which pays a visit there at the evening feels like he got inside "little Africa", with dozens of little African cafes and restuarants.

Many of them found work, but there are also quite many which don't work. They get the help of local aid organisations but the crime level among them today is very high.

There are many local reports about such African migrants who beat each other,sometimes even kill each other or using robbery towards other Tel-Aviv residents. There were even several rapes and sexual attacks by such migrants in the last year.

During the last several months I heppened to witness 3 different cases of such violence by African migrants in Tel Aviv:

The first one was a fierce drunk fight between such Sudaneese and an Arab guy. The Sudaneese guy managed to get a big stone and I saw him rushing to the Arab in order to badly injur or even kill him- He was pushed aside and controlled on the last second by another African...

The second case I saw was several Africans which were shot by another and one of them was badly injured. The serrounding streets on that evening looked like after a suicide attack, with dozens of police cars and Ambulance, only several hundreds meters from the financial district of down town Tel Aviv.

The third case was of an African which grabbed the mobile phone of a young Israeli woman and run away- She didn't panciked and was chasing him while yelling and cursing him, but he vanished very quickly.

Those cases I seen,and others I heard, made me realize that this TA region is some sort of a time bomb...

Any wise guy over here who use this issue to bash at Israel for not letting more migrants to come in, or putting them in detention facilites, or about the demonstrations and racist slurs which are often heard by the local residents who lives among the thousands of such migrants, should keep in mind what the president of Sudan just said yesterday about the fact his country is the no. 1 enemy of Israel...

You can also read about this subject over here:

All the photos presented were taken (not by me) in the region of the central bus station in Tel-Aviv during the recent years .

It is also very important to clarify I also had the chance to meet and talk with very decent and pleasent African migrants- I'm talking here above about a general phenomena, not about individuals

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