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Meet Suleiman from Kerala - A sub-continent workers opinion on the Immigration policies in Europe 
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This is part 2 - in part 1, I called Murali, his colleague, a 'good boy' and got absolutely slated for being a condescending, bigoted arse hole. God Damn! I almost made it to the end of this video without repeating the same faux pas.

Suleiman and Murali are happy working here and will go home wealthy men. Full respect to them, I wouldn't last one hour doing what they do. Here's my point - they come to a foreign country to work hard, contribute and earn for their hard work - in Europe freeloaders are coming for handouts who are not prepared to integrate or contribute - encouraged by the politicians.
Now before the haters get on their high horses and accuse me of being a racist, condescending bigot - check out this link: . Ask any Indian and he'll probably confirm they have one of the most racist counties on the planet. In the same way a wealthy Indian from a higher caste than Suleiman would probably not give him the time of day - Suleiman would probably not engage with people from a lower caste than his. Do I 'feel superior' - No, does Suleiman 'feel inferior' - probably Yes - its been ingrained in him based on his caste system in India.

In Dubai multiculturalism works well on the most part. Why? Because if you are not contributing or if you break the law or if you do drugs, the parties over and you are kicked out of the country. There is no unemployment, apart from the few illegal immigrants and a low % of the local population - and yes this County is discriminating - they positively discriminate in favour of the population here, foreign companies are forced to employ a percentage of the local population.

There is a low crime rate compared to Europe and I pay NO taxes to pay for lazy freeloaders sitting on their fat arses claiming welfare. There is ONLY welfare for the local population who are well looked after by their Ruler who, by and large, is well loved (80%+).

I post this to show Multiculturalism can work - but it must be backed up with the following:
- strong immigration policies.
- protection of the indigenous population.
- protection of the culture and law of the land.
- failure to integrate = deportation.
- don't offer immigrants welfare and a free rides
- When the immigrant population riot - you come down on them like a tonne of bricks. They won't do it again.

Probably too late for Europe - but Dubai thanks you - they learnt from Europe's mistakes.

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