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Libyan Resistance News – December 8-12
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Dec 8

Saif Al Islam Gadhaffi has undergone a very succesful surgery on his hand with the help of medicine, doctors and technical assistance from the green army.

Libyan Green forces have managed to beat back North Misrata rebels on their way to Sabha, 83 rebels laid dead on the high way to Sabha.

Green Resistance is supplying the people of Sirte with 4000 tones of high quality rice, beans, lentils, onions, fresh tomatoes, olive cooking oil, Argan oil and fresh packaged Angus beef from Zimbabwe, Cuba, and Venezuela to help sustain the people of Sirte and neighboring towns through out this season.

Resistance forces destroyed 9 NATO mercenary boats at the gulf of BREGAH with at least not less than 29 foreign mercenary sailors shot dead.

Green Army is expected to pull out over 1 trillion dollars in assets and cash reserves out of Africa in exchange for investments in China, Cuba, Brazil. Reazon for capital pull out is high political risk and direct collaboration between certain African leaders, NATO and ICC in witch hunting for Libyan stakes in banks, industries, factories, oil, accomodation and convenient store invesments.

Dec 9

The Libyan resistance intelligence agents have intercepted the shipment of 80 tanks, cannons and tank cartridges from the port of Misrata, these are used tanks imported by the rats, the origin of the tanks is still unknown, they are planning to use these tanks on attacks in Mizda. The arrival of more than 80 of these tanks in the city of Misrata by rebels is a sign of continues political hegemony, according to the prevailing order now in Libya, Misrata rebels have lost almost every front, political force and attacks, they are trying to regain influence by extending military might, after they have lost the post of defense ministry to Zentan in the new traitor government.

Heavy artillery and sniper fire was exchanged between resistance forces and rebels at Souq Jouma in Tripoli.

Rebels detained many civilians on the way to Sabha, Zentan rebels have been on hunt for the Gadhadfa tribe. The rebels attacked the houses of the tribe Gadhadfa on a false pretext that, they were searching for weapons, they arrested six civilians and they had stolen goods from people houses on the temporary houses they had controlled. The rebels were immediately counter attacked by a Touareg mobile green resistance battalion and they left the vicinity.

Tripoli continues to be rocked by explosions day and night, clashes continue in Tripoli, every hour of the day. There are clashes and explosions every where in Souq Jouma, Ajelat, Zuwara and Aziziyah.

Rebels are threatening to cut every entry and exit to Tripoli, and remove all weapons on the streets, while they are very busy importing newer and more sophisticated weapons into the country.

Dec 11

National Green Resistance movement recieved information about Brigadier Aisha Abdel Salam is is being tortured and suffering from her injuries. Report was brought in by revolutionary guards in charge of information and intelligence gathering.

Zintan brigades were supported by green forces to retain control of Tripoli airport, after Hefter's brigade wanted to take charge of the airport from the Zintan forces. Hefter's forces were defeated at the airport road, and they returned back to their bases.

Hefter eluded attempts to kill him again inside Tripoli yesterday, he was heavily injured by green sniper brigades inside Tripoli.

The port of Benghazi came under attack by submarine Gamal Longhe, and Sea Vessel Sirte, green forces put a two hour extensive tactical battle inside Benghazi and withdrew after setting the port on a bowl of fire. Small cells of revolutionary fighters continued the fight inside Benghazi.

A string of NTC council members have been shot down and killed by green forces in inside city operations.

Bel-haj's alqaeda forces were mostly pinned down by green forces inside Tripoli, and the airport remained largely closed due to a string of attacks that lasted whole day in Tripoli and Souq Al-Jomaa.

Re-enforcement convoy from Zentan entered Tripoli to face Belhaj Al-qaeda forces, Tripoli actively remain an all out battle zone. Continued street battles in Tripoli are on going and never ending between militia groups.

Zentan rebels notified green forces about the an invitation by Qatar to attend talks in Doha and Washington, indicating pressure from the two nations to pressure Zintan for transfer of Saif to NTC, so far no deal has been reached. Green forces were notified by Dr Shaker not to criticize Zentan brigades, the briages in Zintan are divided between those for green Libya and robbers.

Initiation of dialogue by North Misrata Brigades to convince the people of Bani Walid into joining them has failed, Bani Walid refused every attempt of negotiations with North Misrata.

12 Dec

Fighting is continuing between rebels and Libyan liberation front armed units in Sabha

The order of corruption has become prevalent all over Libyan rebel controlled banks, the governor of rebel controlled central bank unit at entry port of Tripoli is paying his friends 75 000 Libyan gold dinar per month without work being performed, filling bank posts with friends to exploit citizens.

Multiple targets have been hit with missiles by green resistance in Misrata, Benghazi, and Tripoli, ground information contacted on the number of killed rebels is still under investigation by revolutionary forces on the ground.

Benghazi: Militias clashed for 2 days over cash and drugs in Benghazi. Social conditions in Benghazi are a disaster.

Tripoli: Green resistance attacked checkpoints of Belhaj fighters in Tripoli, ambushed them and left the scene, all dressed as rebels.

Zawiya: Green resistance arrived in Zawiyah. They spoke on loudspeaker for people to come out, civilians all attacked NTC rats.
All day there is heavy fighting in Zawiyah. People are attacking pickup trucks unarmed and some are armed. They all hate NTC.

Green resistance freed 50 African laborers from NTC prison, tortured and forced to be slave labor under NTC.
Pro-Gaddafi families are hiding Africans in their homes and helping them escape Libya. All Africans are being lynched by NTC.
Civilians are killed and the corpses of pro-Gaddafi supporters and Africans are just being thrown on side of roads like displays.
Rape is rampant now by NTC militias. Abdul Jalil declared all crimes committed by fighters will not be brought before a court.

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  • would not be surprised if some of the above is true.

    Posted Dec-13-2011 By 

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  • allah akbar go green army

    Posted Dec-14-2011 By 

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  • I wouldn't be surprised if most of the above is true. Something is fishy, as Gadaffi is being painted by the West as an "evil" dictator. That is just not true, most of Africa love Gadaffi.

    I'm for the GREEN ARMY, screw NATO/Rebels that are just trying to setup a puppet government and exploit the citizens. See Gadaffi used the RESOURCES of LIBYA for the LIBYAN people, the rest of the world didn't agree.

    Posted Dec-19-2011 By 

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