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New images show isolated tribe that still lives in the Amazon 

Rare footage, filmed inside the Amazon, shows new footage of one of the world's last tribes who still live completely isolated from civilization.

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To the surprise of the explorers who made the video, the Indians suddenly appear in the middle of the woods. They carry bows and arrows and go naked as their ancestors did. The group comprises nine Indians is part of an isolated tribe living in the forest and flee from any contact with the white man.

They were spotted at the time walking from one village to another. The men are warriors.Women take what they collected in the forest and the children.

An Indian woman appears with two children. Freezing the image you can see the head and lower arm. The other hangs back. Note that it is the presence of Funai employee and gives the alarm.

This was the moment of greatest tension in contact. One of the warriors back to see what had happened. It's hidden behind the foliage and observe the intruders. When he is sure that there is no danger to the whole group disappears in the forest.

To understand what the Indians said, our team enlisted the help of a teacher at the University of Brasilia. Suely Cabral Ana Arruda is one of the world's experts in indigenous languages. "I'm picking up words. They are in a conversation and when the woman speaks on "dupi" and he speaks of "buta", which is expected to place hunting. They are looking for some place where they will stop for the night and suddenly alguám speaks on "Mbuta", which is the scaffold where they expect the game tree. They prepare this scaffold to wait hunting at night, "explains linguist.

She also reviewed the conversation among the Indians at the time noted the presence of strangers in the woods. "When a child who is in the back in the mother, she freaks out and yells" tapuim "," is the enemy. " A mother looking back screams "Atze", "we".

The teacher explains that the Tupi-Kawahiva is common to several tribes, but as this group has always lived alone speaks of its own way.

Who recorded the unseen footage was sertanista Jair Candor. He is an employee of Funai and for over 20 years has the mission to monitor and protect Kawahiva without forcing contact with the tribe. "We were not there to meet them. We had to check out some raids on the edge of the earth. "

The area where the Indians are isolated is two and half times larger than the city of São Paulo. It is in the heart of the forest, bordering the states of Mato Grosso and Amazonas .The nearest town is 150 miles away. This territory has been prohibited by Justice and only those who have permission of Funai can join.

Until you shoot the Kawahiva, the explorers had only evidence of their existence. For two decades, made dozens of expeditions in the region, found several temporary camps in the woods and located many objects produced by the Indians. The Kawahiva not practice agriculture and are nomadic. When hunting add, change camp. So they need a large territory.

They live in what they call the hut, which is a makeshift housing, covered with leaves. The Indians make networks with tree bark. Has a primitive spinning wheel, to make the string used in the manufacture of arrows. In the hut, where he lived only an Indian, the explorers have made a discovery. "Today we have traces of two person, three treadmills, which sleep two people, maybe three, the couple and their son. Happened a wedding there, the family is growing, it's good, "says Jair Candor.

The future of Kawahiva is threatened by the proximity of civilization. The explorers found pet bottles in a makeshift camp that sits on the edge of a river. On the other side starts a farm. "At any time, you can go to the farm. If this happens, buddy, we'll have to prepare, because the pump will come, "says the frontiersman.

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