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Fascist Libtard Terrorists Target Pro-Family Akin

In the radical bigoted extreme left's continuing war against men via narrow minded terroristic sexual assault and murder threats against Representative and Conservative Todd Akin, the FBI and U.S. Capitol Police have announced they are investigating these terroristic, hate crime threats made intolerant left wingnuts against Akin for expressing views and speech they refuse to tolerate.

Citing unnamed officials,St. Louis TV station KMOV says "multiple people have threatened rape and harm against Akin, his staff and family."

Above is Homosexual Gaystapo Foot Soldier extremist bully Dan Savage who hatefully spewed his intolerant, bullying bigotry and terroristic threats on TV when he said he wishes all Congressional Republicans “were fucking dead” while appearing on HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher.
Savage, an intolerant, bigoted homosexual hate advice columnist, appeared on the popular panel discussion program and when Maher compared congressional Republicans to late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, Savage spewed his intolerant, Republican-phobic bullying hate:

“Unfortunately not exactly like him. I wish they were all fucking dead.”“Unfortunately not exactly like him.

Conservative groups are calling for homosexual bigot Dan Savage to resign from his job or get fired, and to reach out to Conservative Community Leaders and ask for a healing for his bigoted hate and vile Christian-phobic bullying as scripted by Homosexual Agenda psy-ops creators Kirk and Madsen.

This type of terroristic threats, threats to rape and murder and attempted mass murder by crazed homosexual madman with an arsenal trying to mass murder Family Research Council Conservatives is a direct result of hate groups and incitements by the bullying Southern Poverty Law Center, a hate group created by a communist, anti-Gentile, Christian hating jewish supremacist bigot.

Note: Any bigoted homosexual hate mongerers who spew the "Jamming" tactic schemed up by Homosexual Agenda creator Kirk and Madsen will have their bullying hate speech attacks deleted.
Feel free to civilly dissent to the topic of libtard homosexual bullying and making terroristic threats against heterosexuals and state why you support homosexuals bullying and terrorizing heterosexuals.

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