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Man installs hidden cam to watch wife's sister taking shower

He installed to the cam after his wife told him her sister was very hot and would come to stay with them for a while. He was arrested by the police and his wife wanted to divorce him.

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The city News Reuters last week, Kunshan, a woman taking a bath in the rental of public bathroom, even found a camera, so she is not scared of light, hastened to alarm. The police investigation, the culprit camera installed more surprised.

In this nearly eight-minute-long video, a young woman is bathing, did not even notice a wretched head "eyes" staring at her, from the perspective of the picture, the camera should be hidden in the bathroom ceiling on. Half past eight p.m. on August 8, a female tenant to take a bath when found wrong, the husband of the woman then called the police.

"You say you do, you say ah."

The police investigation found that even a hole in the bathroom ceiling, in the cave they found a camera stuck with transparent tape, very subtle.

Police: "That can not see."

Camera head attached to a line of police along the lines directly to find a rental next to the camera in the bathroom is the computer attached to the house.

"This is a TV ATV line, the network cable, do not move."

The man of the house I used every means to deny, the man admitted that until the police all the line pulled out, and the computer found a video before videotaping. The man, surnamed Li, he said, the camera just installed not long installed surprising, he said he photographed bathing woman was his wife's sister. Some time ago, Lee heard my wife said, never met the Dayi Zai want to live on for some time.

Violations Lee: "My wife often says her big sister is very beautiful, and I was there the idea."

In order to meet this beautiful Dayi Zai, Lee bought the line and the camera secretly installed in the bathroom. In fact, Lee is such a dirty move with his usual hobbies are not unrelated.

Lee: "online to see what movies, movies, pornographic films three films."

Own bath after being photographed, Lee Tai Yizi angrily already left, and Lee's wife cried to refuse to talk to him a divorce, so-called "color word head with a knife," Lee's absurd move to an engage a lot of times, invasive of another's privacy, he was detained by the security.

Social fax reporter reported.

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Added: Aug-22-2012 
By: Lake8737
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