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Bobby Joe Blythe & Company

I saw an original copy of this video more than 15-20 years ago. Bobby Joe Blythe had a dojo in Dumfires Virginia. He and his students were known to beat people up in their dojo often. The dojo was in a bad neighborhood shopping center on highway 1. They would call drunks and anyone that was hanging around into the dojo and beat them senseless. I have a friend that was a long time student there. He no longer does that sort of thing. He showed me his copy of the video. A few years later there was a young guy claiming to be a kung-Fu master. The guy taught in his home. One of Bobby Joe Blythes students when to the guys home and forced him to fight in front of his students. The fake kung-fu master was severely beaten and was in the hospital for some time. He filed charges against the guy that beat him and his instructor, Bobby Joe. The student went to prison. The dojo was closed. Last I heard Bobby Joe had moved to another state and no longer teaches. When I first moved from South Carolina to Virginia, I owned a dojo in Fredericksburg, Va. Fredericksburg is only about 12-15 miles south of where Bobby Joes dojo was. When ever someone new opened up a dojo a group of Bobbys students would come attack the owner/instructor. Many times they would act nice then jump them when they were not expecting an attack. Fortunately, An Isshinryu master in Fredericksburg had come in to see what I was about. Bobby Joe and the Isshinryu master did not like each other, but they respected each other. Bobby Joe called the Isshinryu master and asked him if he knew anything about me and my new dojo. The Isshinryu master (Who became a good friend) told him that I was legitimate. Bobby Joes goons never came in my dojo.

I hope that this clears up any questions about this video or Bobby Joe Blythe. Someone asked him what kind of karate he taught. Bobby Joe would say, "I teach **** kicking karate".

BTW my friend that showed me the video years ago, said that the guy that was beaten badly was stoned out of his head when he got to the dojo. After they kicked his head against the concrete floor repeatedly, they dragged him out the back door and left him there. The video made me sick when I first saw it. I only began to view it today to be sure that it was the same video. That is just sick!
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Joel Kaplan,Connie Jett,Cindy Ghiloni were all positively Id'd as been there during the dojo beating. They seem to be unreachable.I just need to establish time & date,On the famous video ,the time stated is 7:00pm ,Dec ,1984,but when they open the door sunlight reflects clear across the floor, In Virginia on Dec.the sun sets like 5:20 pm.What's even more confusing is there is daylight on the outside footage as well.Share This with the world please.

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