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Furibund Relics from Lethe's Depths by David Hart

Title taken from the following poem:
''Mnemosyne'' by David Hart
O Mnemosyne repugn thy persistent nilling
Shield not thine fenestella from my tarantistic spirit so earnestly yearning
Lift thy scialytic veil and evince those furibund relics from Lethe's depths.
Memories of mother's soft serene womb
Now to me doth arise
Relics once lost to this humble gerontion
Now arise--feeling the sublime comfort
The caring and secure feeling--weightlessness,
Floating in mother's secure inner chamber
Occlude not this noetic myrmidon
Jape not and render a nisis with alacrity genteel.
O Mnemosyne jounce and
Dive through the seiche of Lethe repugning.
Anon, bathe me in myriad visions revealing.
Now is revealed the conception.
What a most magnificent memory!
A silent beautiful explosion of myriad colors
Streaming to and fro rapidly and slowly all
At once--awe upon delightful awe
Mnemosyne-Gr. Myth-the goddess of memory; repugn-to oppose/resist; nill-v.t. arch.-to be unwilling; fenestella-a small window opening in an altar allowing relics within to be seen; tarantism-nervous disorder characterized by mania for dancing and music; scialytic-adj.-dispersing or dispelling shadows; evince- to show in a clear manner/to manifest; furibund-adj.-rare-filled with or marked by rage or frenzy; Lethe-Gr/Roman Myth-river of forgetfullness; gerontion-Gr.- old man; occlude-v. to shut out/obstruct; noetic-Gr. Phil.-adj.-of or pertaining to intellectual or rational activity; myrmidon- loyal follower; jape-v.-to jest/jeer/mock; of power in acting or attempting/an endeavor; jounce-v.t. & v.i.-to shake or move roughly up and down/jolt; seiche-n.-rhythmic occilation of water above and below the mean level of lakes

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