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A Convicted Scam Artist

Posted by Big Bear Valley News on Thursday, June 30, 2011
"Jack Hammer aka Steven W Blood Jr strikes again" -
this posted website above - "After articles in The Grizzly showed that
the music act Velvet Revolver had never been booked for the fundraiser
concert promoted by Blood, among other things, Jack FM went dead on the
air. Blood packed up and disappeared during the middle of the night.."

the posts below will show the true Steven W Blood and what he is
capable of.. Do a little digging yourself and see.. This guy has been
all over people, without their willingness..

***Link to a story about Storm Aid in The Huntsville Times:

Previous stories about Jack Hammer Radio published in The Grizzly in 2005:

William Blood Jr who is from Thomasville, Georgia was SUED by the
Missouri Attorney General in 2011 for scamming people out of money. See-
judge grants default judgment against Steven Blood, aka Woody Nelson,
who tried unsuccessfully to promote Huntsville Storm Aid concert"

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By: Jason Asselin
Citizen Journalism
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