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AG Holder: refuses to acknowledge radical islam + hasn't read AZ immigration bill

2 videos, both may 14, 2010

his 'nat'l response' will be amnesty, which pelosi again reaffirmed 2 days ago..

AG Eric Holder's Pathetic Congressional Testimony on Radical Islam

This would make a great Saturday Night Live skit. Watch as President Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder--pathetically--ties himself into knots yesterday trying to dodge questions over whether radical Islam had any role in the recent Times Square bombing attempt. I don't know whether to laugh at the sheer dishonesty of it all, or cry over the fact that almost nine years after 9/11, our elected officials still won't even breathe the name of our enemy. And you have to love how Holder talks about "the teachings" of Islam. Is he suddenly a Koranic authority? Has he even read the Koran or the Hadith? I'll bet you a lifetime supply of cheesesteaks from my favorite joint back in Philly that he hasn't.

But it's so much easier for folks like Holder to just bury their heads in the sand, ignore reality and blindly recite "Islam is Peace" over and over. Even though Islam's bloody history and core texts clearly show otherwise. Memo to the Obama administration: let's be honest with the American people about what we are up against. Trust me, the average American is very aware that we are not pitted in a life-or-death struggle against Mormon missionaries from Utah. They "get" that the enemy is Islamic jihadists fighting in the name of Allah. So it's about time the Obama administration--and its liberal media allies--stepped up, stopped worrying about Muslim sensitivities and named the enemy out loud. Because as you'll see below, their politcally correct act is now approaching the point of parody. By the way, Holder kind of looks like Hall of Fame QB Warren Moon. Just sayin'. In the meantime, watch and cringe:

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Added: May-14-2010 
By: HydrogenEconomy
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