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The Evil

Science fiction - Below, a story i'm writing., your thoughts of interest.

what if a power existed which made men mad... . which made sociopaths crave war.. gave us temporary amnesia. ... but yet made the feeling of love exist.

The ancients called it a yin and yang.

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I don't live in a world of "what if" , Either do you

Every 11 years, 33 years and 29,000years the sun does some strange things with its fields. Its inner dynamo Spins up and down as more regular than a quartz crystal. . This winding up and down of the dynamo causes all sorts of different effects on planets, tectonic plates and also on us humans.

During lulls in this power output, problems occur with certain types of humans ... we call them sociopaths.

From my perspective, the sun acts like one big Anti depressant, not just with its natural light and heat but with another power, a power which the famous psychologist Freud called Libido .

I will endeavor to prove to everyone here over the coming months how they can confirm this to themselves.

We have to watch out for the sociopaths at this time, they love wars, If the people don't respond to the slick media campaigns for war. It will make the battle more difficult. You will all wake up one day out of a nightmare and wonder when we could have said no.

Lets be real about this, humans get sick in the head, they talk to themselves, and god is just an interpretation of massive super computer lodged inside out heads.

Don't worry though, this depression people are feeling is in its death throws. The power has been back on in our star They must last another year. But there are some out there who think this shit is never going to end. To them I say resist. Resist Resist.

There is no demon that can cycle faster than a bike.

I've tried explain how the sun works for four years.. using this amazing new connection device called the Liveleak... In this age it is possible to spread an idea to the four corners of the planet in under a second. This would amaze Mother.

It seems that others have seen the light. Looking around i need not shout so loud anymore. They actually got the message. The lot of them.

I see fear in their eyes though. And this is not a time to show fear. They lack confidence in their own will. IF only they knew what amount of good was already battling ahead of them. Sweeping the earth of this vile.

Its time to inform them all what else the sun does. I Have completed my preliminary tests. IT seems the 20th-23rd will be significant. .

The only way to stop future conflicts is to isolate those who are most effected by the lulls in solar energy and help them through this time all the while preventing them from hurting anyone on the planet.

War is a symptom of madness and unregulated use of power.

"Its that mother fucker Sun. The star" he shouted... it was useless though.. most didn't want to listen. . Now how will we explain it to the rest.?

and what of this knowledge, will it make it easier to understand why there are times to work and times to play? time to live your life and expand your mind.... and times to accept hibernation. I think it will explain alot more than that.

Some people withstand the ill effects of this power, others battle with the Staff of truth! others never feel its existence. But yet they all feel it. Only those who go swimming in it are interested in this sort of story.

The lulls normally last about 300 days, but every 33 years the lulls last longer. And we become susceptible to dark thoughts. the last one was 787 days and ended in Nov 2009. but it takes a while to feel it... takes another while to excite ... and then there's the turning point. where all hell could break lose.

The light will return to things I promise you

An extract from the book "A Dragon Sun" by Owen Higgins

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By: OwenHiggins
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