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Kagan on Obama circa 2005

Wonder what kind of photos she/he has of Obama? As usual, my insertion of footnotes appear in brackets. The links are part of the original article. They are not my edits other than to stipulate the hyperlinks in a manner that provides the most information. The actual links appear at the bottom of the post. Seen a lib do this lately? --cd3

By Greg Halvorson

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By now, anyone with a working knowledge of narcissism [1] recognizes the pathological condition of the president. Even liberals concede that the man who sends thrills up Chris Mathews' leg is self-absorbed.

It therefore makes sense that Elena Kagan, his Solicitor General, is the SCOTUS nominee. In 2005, at a Harvard luncheon, Ms. Kagan waxed eloquent on Obama. She'd had the "privilege" of attending the DNC National Convention the year before and had experienced rapture [2]:
"He opened his mouth, said a few words, and the place was mesmerized. You could hear a pin drop. In part, that is because of all the rock star qualities he has: the eloquence, the magnetism, the great looks, the brilliance. When he opens his mouth, you know what you're getting."

Kagan went on to call Obama a "hero," concluding that he is "truly one of the great public servants of our time," and gives many "hope" in the future of our country.

Wow. To label a man who voted [3] "present" in the Illinois assembly and was a do-nothing Senator "great" is remarkable. If Obama is "great," may I ask, What is bad? True, when he opens his mouth, we know what we're getting, but based on the above, we know what we're getting when Kagan opens hers. A kool aid [4] progressive who defines "hero" oddly, who believes rock stars "eloquent," and who's dipped her toe in the pool of Narcissus to admire Obama admiring himself.

Greg Halvorson is the founder of Soldiers Without Boots [5], and hosts The Soldier One Radio Hour [6] on Blog Talk Radio.







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