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Tank Restoration Mechanics Start Up an old King Tiger Tank

Not sure where this is or who restored the tank, no information available.
This is clearly a King Tiger (Royal Tiger) as seen from portions of the of turret and hull shown. I believe it also came equipped with an electric starter - doing this in combat would be suicide. Also I wouldn't want to do this in winter, they'd snap that cranking handle in half.

The King Tiger used the same liquid cooled, gasoline powered engine as the Panther (and weighed over ten tons more).. This was the German's most powerful tank to see combat, it combined thick armor, sloped like the Panther and T-34 with an improved version of the powerful 88 mm gun. Since the power to weight ratio was ludicrous, the King Tiger was very slow, and had lots of breakdowns. Generally it could not cross many bridges as it was too heavy for most of them. By the time it was deployed (in the west in the Ardennes offensive and in the East in Hungary etc.) it was too late for even this super-weapon to have any effect, and the Germans could do little but retreat.

Only 450 were ever produced by war's end - most of which never made it to the front for various reasons.

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