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Saripul prison broken, 170 Mujahideen freedFriday, 08 June 2012 09:08SARIPUL, Jun. 08 – Last night, Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate participated in a successful armed offensive amid operation Al-Farooq on the security belt of Saripul provincial prison and freed hundreds of prisoners.

Details of the operation state that a group of Mujahideen initially attacked the surrounding enemy security posts while a second group proceeded towards the main prison wall, blew a hole with explosives and overran the check post inside. It is said that some 13 enemy troops were also killed in the attack and dozens of others wounded.

170 Mujahideen inmates including governors and group commanders were later freed and transferred to a safe location.

Similar operations have also been carried out in Kandahar province twice previously in which 1000 inmates were freed the first time and 450 the second.

This successful operation demonstrates that the enemy deeply lacks the moral and military skills despite being deeply entrenched and still failing in protecting the prison.

22 US-NATO invaders, 18 puppets, 47 security guards killed in Martyrdom operation; 35 trucks eliminaQari Yousuf Ahmadi

Wednesday, 16 Rajab 1433Wednesday, 06 June 2012 11:02KANDAHAR, Jun. 06 – Several dozen of the foreign terrorist forces and their puppets were killed Wednesday in a martyrdom attack aimed at the facility belongs to logistics company Supreme near Kandahar airfield where thousands of foreign invading troops are based and which acts as a hub for operations across

What really happened in Shahrabagh

Friday, 18 Rajab 1433Friday, 08 June 2012 05:16On the 11th of the ongoing Rajab month, 1433, a successful operation was carried out by Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate on the huge military installation of American forces (Sahrabagh airbase) in Khost province which caused the foreigners and their local stooges heavy losses.

Although the coordinated group attack on Sahrabagh was a small sample of Al-Farooq spring campaign, the enemy still censored the ground realities in accordance with their military tactics and prohibited all large and small news agencies from leaking the details of incurred losses.

A few Khost based journalists said in personal based correspondence that they themselves witnessed the limbs and body parts of American soldiers scattered around the base however they are unable to publish their reports due to the restrictions placed on them by the foreign and internal officials.

You might already know of what occurred by having read the initial reports of the operation on Al-Emara website however we will try to shed light and provide further details about this historical falsehood shattering attack in this report which has been assembled based purely on the accounts provided by one of the organizers and guide of this thunderous operation.

Framework for the operation

Sahrabagh airbase, which is the third largest American operational base in Afghanistan after Bagram and Kandahar is located in the east of Khost city and is said to house nearly ten thousand troops at any given time. The Americans have built an airfield, training facilities and intelligence quarters inside and due to its operational importance; it is maintained under tight security and is surrounded by several protective barriers and spying equipment.

As this base is an important and strategic facility of the enemy therefore the Mujahideen had also constantly planned an operation on it. Although this base had been hit with missile and martyrdom attacks previously, the Mujahideen strived hard this time around in order to hand out a heavy and an effective blow by utilizing new tactics.

The Mujahideen gathered intelligence and established that the dining hall and housing areas (tents and wooden structures) of American troops are located in the south of Sahrabagh base and that the parking area of airplanes is also nearby. It was also established that Kajir village lies to the south in the same proximity and it has a minor hidden road which leads out and passes next to the base at about 50 meters. After more intensive intelligence gathering, it was realized that if a powerful explosion was to occur at 01:00 pm local time near the wall, then the American soldiers who gather in the wooden halls and tents for lunch would suffer a heavy toll.

From then on operational plans were drawn. In order to eliminate that facilities and the American troops inside, a vehicle packed with some 8 tons of Potassium Chloride, 2 tones of TNT, 20 bundles of detonation cord and several anti-tank mines, which rounds out at roughly 10 tones would be used. The technicians of Islamic Emirate, in order to avoid causing fatalities to the people of Kanjir village, build this vehicle bound explosives device in such a manner that the force of the blast directs itself straight towards the base and not in random directions.

Similarly, 10 trained martyrdom seekers would be used in the operation. Two armed with RPGs with 15 rounds each, 1 pistol and hand grenades; two with PK automatic machine guns with 1500 anti-armor rounds, 1 pistol and hand grenades while the 6 others were each armed with AK rifles equipped with grenade launchers with 20 rounds, 11 magazines and a dozen hand grenades. This group was tasked with entering the base and opening fire on the confused American soldiers after the explosion. In order for this group to safely reach their targets, each one was dressed in American military uniforms and were given breathing masks and goggles so the dust from the explosion does not have a negative effect them.

Some thousand other internal puppets also work in the base as translators, guards, laborers and spies. They are marched towards the western gate of the base and kept under surveillance in case of any such incidents. There is also a staff parking area in the same area which is packed with hundreds of cars and motorbikes each morning and then vacated in the later afternoon time. The Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate, in order to dish out a heavy blow to these puppet Afghans also packed a motorbike with heavy duty RDX explosives and handed it over to their sources inside who were tasked with parking it in the area on operation day and which would be later detonated with a remote or a timer.

In order to make the operation even more effective, Mujahideen surrounded the base from three directions with 3 BM12 missiles each which would be also be fired at the base on operation day.

Operation day

All the arrangements for the operation had been finalized on the 11th of Rajab, 1433 and this day was chosen for the attack. In the initial hours of the day, severe patrols and searches were taking place near the American base which put the launch of the attack in uncertainty so the Mujahideen turned towards Allah (SWT) and extensively prayed so that the operation is not hindered. It was the bounty of Allah Almighty that as the day progressed and the time for the attack neared (01:00 pm local time), the searches and patrols of the enemy decreased to the extent that at the time of the launch of operation, all the American troops and their tanks left the surrounding areas and entered the base.

Mawlawi Sahib Shamsullah, a resident of Paktia and tasked with the VBIED sacrificed his luxurious life in Khaleej, a thriving business, bounties of the world and the love of his 4 children for Allah. The said person, who was familiar with the surrounding area, drove his explosive packed vehicle with absolute assurance right up to the American base and detonated it at the appropriate time. This blast was not an ordinary blast. The nearly ten ton explosion completely flattened the enemy facilities in which the American invaders were feeding, set several areas on fire and completely destroyed a transport airplane which had parked nearby only a few moments before the blast.

Simultaneously after the blast, the ten armed martyrdom seekers (Azeem Khan from Paktia; Ateequllah, Muhammad Naeem, Muhammad Ya’qub, Ibraheemi and Kareemullah from Ghazni province’s Gilan district; Zabihullah Shabir from Ghazni’s Maqur district; Hafiz Saifullah from Paktika’s Khushamand; Amdadullah from Paktika’s Wazikhwa; Abdullah from Nangarhar and Abdur Raheem from Logar) who had arrived at the scene in a mini van, set fire to their vehicle and zealously entered the American base. Video footage from the scene shows that the enemy is in compete disarray after suffering heavy losses from the blast. Even tough enemy helicopters are hovering overhead, no rounds are shot at the the Mujahideen as they enter inside up until the Mujahideen themselves engage the enemy with heavy and light arms after reaching their targets.

The enemy soldiers lose all their senses as the onslaught commences due to Mujahideen being disguised in American military uniforms. Amid the confusion, the enemy answers the precise targeted attacks of the Mujahideen with random blind fire while their helicopters which are hovering overhead also fail in identifying their targets. After a long while, the enemy announces that the attackers are dressed in US military uniforms and orders its troops to restrict their movements and proceed with caution. Meanwhile the Mujahideen intercept the radio communication of the officials of Kabul intelligence agency which warns all of the hireling troops in Khost to stop all military actions until further notice because their so called ‘foreign friends’ have announced that there is a major Taliban attack underway and they are unable to tell friends from foe.

In this way, the attack commences from 01:00 pm inside the base up until 04:00 pm during which time 4 Mujahideen embrace martyrdom while the rest buy time for a secondary assault. After this the Americans announce the end of the operation, a claim which would be proven wrong when the other Mujahideen once again engage the enemy at around dusk time until 11:00 pm at night.

Heavy missiles also rain down on the base during the attack while on the other hand, the explosive laden motorbike is detonated at the western gate at around 05:00 pm which either completely destroys or badly damages the nearly 180 motorbikes and vehicles and also leaves around 20 hirelings dead.

It is said that hundreds of American soldiers are killed in the operation. Nearly 400 troops were said to have assembled in the two halls for lunch which were completely flattened by the initial powerful explosion while several other facilities were also severely damaged. According to witnesses, several helicopters made 18 trips from the scene ferrying away the casualties to Bagram airbase even though a huge sprawling medical facility also exists inside the same base.

Due to the sensitive timing of the attack which occurred as Obama is running his campaign in a bid for re-election and while the world media is talking about the dissolution of the strength of the Taliban, therefore the enemy tried its best to keep a lid on the realities and keep them away from the public view. But if we look at the reality, we can see that they can control the information flow however the nature of the attack which has already taken place cannot be altered. The American troops which were killed are now dead and they can never be brought back to life with misleading propaganda.

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