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Story taken directly from The Cypress times which was posted on July 24, 2010

I could not find the story on Live Leak so I thought I would post it.


On July 24, 2010, lit up the internet with the following:

“The bloodbath continues along our southern border and now word is coming in that Los Zetas, the highly trained killers formerly with the Gulf Cartel, have crossed into the United States and taken over at least two ranches in the Laredo, Texas area. I am receiving word that the owners of the ranches have evacuated without being harmed.”

Mexican drug cartels coming across the U.S. border! Texas ranches seized! The history of extreme violence on the Mexican side of the border is well documented, just this past weekend alone 24 people were murderd in Ciudad Juarez within spitting distance of El Paso, Texas, but Mexican Drug Cartel members spilling across the border was different, it was frightening, it was potentially an act of war.

The story was reported later in the day by Kimberly Dvorak of The Examiner, too. Both and Kimberly Dvorak cited different independent sources within Laredo area law enforcement. Later The Cypress Times picked up the story and soon it went viral all over the internet. The burgeoning new media of the independent online journalist was well on its way to cracking another big story.

Phone calls poured into the Laredo Police Department, the county sheriff and other law enforcement agencies in the area. Initially callers were told “no comment” or “I can’t talk about that” and soon the responses became, “We don’t know anything about that” and they changed from there several times until all law enforcement denied the takeover had ever occurred.

Back on the “www,” accusations and name calling began immediately. The story had been denied by local police, and a firestorm of controversy had ensued wherein the writers of the original stories were suddenly accused of everything from racism to being unprofessional to being outright liars.

Now there is confirmation that Los Zetas did takeover at least one ranch on July 23, 2010 near Laredo, Texas. That confirmation comes in the form of a police blotter from Laredo. Kimberly Dvorak has a photo of that blotter, and has shared it with

The text of the blotter reads:

"On Friday 7-23-10 Laredo Webb informed that their county SWAT Team is conducting an operation in the Mines Rd. area. According to LT. Garcia with LSO (Laredo Sheriff Office) received a call from a ranch owner stating that the Zetas had taken over his ranch. As per the 17 (reporting person) he informed them that they stated La Compania (area business) was taking the ranch and no one was permitted on the ranch without permission. SO (Sheriff Office) will have an unmarked green Ford Taurus with two officers stationed at Los Compadres and a white Chevy Tahoe with two officers stationed at Mineral Rd. The LSO (Laredo Sheriff Office) will maintain surveillance in the area and advise if action is taken. Susp (suspect) Veh (vehicle) are described as a gray or silver Audi, a BLK (black) Escalade or Navigator and a van truck with a logo of a car wash spot free on the side. Border Patrol also has their response team on scene. Also known info of BMW’s and Corvettes entering and leaving the area. Auth LT Lichtenberger if assistance is requested LPD (Laredo Police Department) will secure the outer perimeter. (07/24/10 07:42:10 NR1873)"

This blotter mentions several Laredo area law enforcement agencies as being involved in this "call": Laredo Sheriff's Office, Laredo Police Department and The U.S. Border Patrol. To see a photo of the actual police blotter go HERE. Laredo Police have confirmed that this police blotter is real, HERE.

Law enforcement officials held a joint press conference on July 29, 2010, 5 full days after the takeover occurred to deny anything had happened. This press conference was held prior to the police blotter report becoming public. Police made no mention of the report or events described in the police blotter during their news conference. Nor did they mention any response in the area, let alone a response involving the Sheriff's office, the police and the border patrol.

Once the copy of the blotter became public, police then stated that the blotter reflected a bogus 911 call.

However, as reports, “In the press conference - and to local reporters - they (Laredo police) denied that anything in the area out of the ordinary had occurred. If this had indeed been a bogus 911 call that they investigated, why did they not state such at the time?” features a video of the Press Conference and says, “These people at the press conference are lying. Who they are trying to cover-up for is not known. Is it themselves, a local politician or does it go even higher?” goes on to report: “A big question to ask yourself after watching the above video is if the Los Zetas ranch seizure never happened, why are the law enforcement agents all of the sudden boosting security and patrols in the area? A thinking person would assume that there was a credible reason or event that occurred.”

The Los Zetas story is true. It is also an important story that deserves both national attention and an investigation into the truth.

DiggersRealm, The Cypress Times, The Examiner and every other publication or site that ran this story was immediately bombarded with hordes of negative commentary, name calling, accusations – even threats. Now we know the source of some of those commentaries:

“’Hoaxer and Liar’. These were the charges leveled at me in the comments to the story and through direct comments. I stood by the story, but started to wonder where these comments were coming from. Looking into it revealed that many of the comments on the article for the story were the same person posting under pseudonyms. This person was located in Mexico. They would post under one pseudonym that they had just driven to the location and there was nothing there. Then under several other pseudonyms they would post affirmation of this fact or attack me directly. This was done by others as well. Those websites pushing for amnesty for illegal aliens also began posting comments attacking the story and me personally.

“Curiosity got the better of me and I started looking into where all of this was originating. I could understand some websites retracting it as unconfirmed, but many sites didn't just do that, they decided to attack the story viciously based on these "hoax reports."

“Looking around on the net it was starting to become clear that these rumors of it being a hoax were being pushed by some of the larger left-leaning websites. They were also being pushed by open borders and pro-illegal alien websites. The latter have been attacking me for years for covering illegal immigration and calling for enforcement, so that was understandable - and yes they called me a racist again (for reporting a national security story which had nothing to do with race as the races of those involved were not known).

“As border security really should have no politics when it comes to the safety of the people, I started to wonder why the left-leaning websites would not want the truth to come out on this. It couldn’t simply be about supporting Obama or some other nonsense. It had to be political and the only reasoning I can come up with even now is that they saw this as an opportunity to try and make the right-leaning websites look foolish - truth be damned in their eyes.”


It seems the same story has been used by numerous sites and there are some who say it is a hoax.

Only time will tell.

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  • From a good friend and Patriot of mine:

    I came across this article and thought I'd share it with y'all. Sounds reasonable. (If you consider having your home taken over, even for a few minutes, reasonable....)

    John G. Winder, The Cypress Times
    Published 08/08/2010 - 9:50 a.m. CST

    On July 24, 2010 The Cypress Times published an article recounting reports from unnamed sources within Laredo Texas law enforcement that two ranches had been seized by the Los Zetas Mexican drug cartel. In the ensuin More..

    Posted Aug-20-2010 By 

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    • This is the intel I got. It even had a video with local NEWS coverage.

      If this isn't lies and cover-ups, what is? When these LE officials made these public comments to the local Laredo media on the 29th, they obviously never imagined what we would obtain the LPD blotter report from Saturday morning 7/24, the day AFTER the rancher told the Webb Sheriffs his ranch had been taken over by armed Zetas. Apparently LE officials are now claiming the blo More..

      Posted Aug-20-2010 By 

      (2) | Report

  • I saw this report about a week ago. I was linked to it from a Border watch group supervisor.

    I still have my reservations on the authenticity of this report.

    Although it is NEWS worthy.

    Posted Aug-20-2010 By 

    (3) | Report

    • "I still have my reservations on the authenticity of this report.

      Although it is NEWS worthy."

      How can possible fake news be worthy, and who is it worthy of?

      If, as you say you have doubts about its authenticity how can you condone it?


      Posted Aug-20-2010 By 

      (-4) | Report

  • i seen many hidden camera vids of heavy armed men and illegals with obvious drug packs ..this story has credability i mean what are a few border control or local law enforcment gonna do about 10 heavy armed highly trained special -ops Zeta and ya they might kick the resident out and be gone within a hour ..probally not enough time for a proper response from law enforcment ..because they would be gone ...gotta remember Zetas are highly trained ex army.

    Posted Aug-20-2010 By 

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  • Everything is proceeding according to plan.

    Posted Aug-21-2010 By 

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  • Comment of user '51Areas' has been deleted by author (after account deletion)!
  • I think this is a confirmed hoax started by

    Posted Aug-20-2010 By 

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  • Hey static u slack jaw yokle take ur head out of ur ass and let ur brain get some air fool.

    Posted Aug-20-2010 By 

    (-3) | Report

  • Your sources are all right wing blogs?? Even Fox News hasn't touched this least I don't think they have. You would think armed gangs invading two ranches and running the owners off would make the news wires. The Yuma Sun Daily and Tucson Star don't mention anything about ranches being seized by Mexican gangs. Are you bullshitting us Static-Age??

    Posted Aug-20-2010 By 

    (-4) | Report

    • I would agree - but - you must remember that the progressive activist court system has been confiscating ranches from AMERICANS and giving them to the illegal invaders that were caught crossing the border on their ranchers' property!!

      Texans .. time to shoot them, shovel them, forget them!

      Posted Aug-20-2010 By 

      (4) | Report

    • They have?? Link??

      Posted Aug-20-2010 By 

      (-2) | Report

  • Its Fox news watchers that are brainwashed and calling in lies due to false border fear. Drug cartels have no interest in american land, just the money of its consumers, which they have no problem acquiring.

    Posted Aug-23-2014 By 

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