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Be Wary When Billionaires Call for More Taxes

Diane Swayer declares billionaire Warren Buffett is a “good guy” for declaring the rich should pay more taxes (see video), while other billionaires claim he is going senile.

Has Buffett gone off the deep end? Or is there something other than meets the eye?

“Last week, superinvestor Warren Buffett, America’s second richest man, testified before the Senate Finance Committee on the subject of why people like him can well afford to pay taxes. In fact, Buffett is ceasing to be among the very wealthiest because he is giving most of his fortune away to philanthropies while he is still alive,” reports the New York Times. “Dynastic wealth, the enemy of a meritocracy, is on the rise,” Buffett told the senators. “Equality of opportunity has been on the decline. A progressive and meaningful estate tax is needed to curb the movement of a democracy toward a plutocracy.”

Of course, an estate tax will not address “the movement of a democracy toward a plutocracy,” never mind that America is supposed to be a constitutional republic, not a democracy. It seems Mr. Buffett is leading the “democratic” mob rule charge for more government intervention in the lives of ordinary people. It has little to nothing to do with more revenue, as the estate tax, even at its tyrannical height, accounted for a mere 1% of federal revenues. It has everything to do with the government gobbling up more private property and stomping out liberty.

Robert Kuttner of the Times approves of all this. “Leaders like Warren Buffett should be prized, both as executives whose civic values shame their peers, and as advocates for better tax-and-spend policies generally. If society is to get the resources so that healthcare and secure retirement (not to mention child care and job training) are not left to the whims and public relations of corporations, Congress had better follow Buffett’s lead on tax equity, and restore our ability to finance these benefits as citizens,” he writes.

Unfortunately, “tax equity” translates into more money for a corrupt and authoritarian government and less for just about everybody else. Does Mr. Kuttner sincerely believe taxing the rich will lead to a more responsive, less tyrannical government? If you feed the monster, his appetite will only grow. If anything, the monster that is the federal government needs to be put on a starvation diet.

As Thomas Jefferson understood, the problem is not taxes per se but rather a monetary system rigged by the bankers. “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

Jefferson’s prophesy was fulfilled in 1913 with the establishment of the Federal Reserve. “The idea of a central bank is to so enslave the people of the country to a debt money system that you continue to collect taxes continuously which just covers the interest,” explains Dr. Ken Matto. “The duped people of the United States are paying about $300 billion dollars per year to the IRS which is the collection agency for the Federal Reserve. By the way, the Federal Reserve is a privately owned bank with 10 private members. The Chase Manhattan Bank is a member which is owned by the Rockefellers who are Rothschild Agents.”

Buffett’s estate tax scheme, of course, will not address this gross and inequitable crime. If Warren Buffett was sincerely concerned about the tax rate his secretary pays, he would call for the elimination of the Federal Reserve and its collection agency, the IRS. Feed the monster and it will continue to grow. Buffett wants the monster to get three heaping squares a day and then some.

Meanwhile, the Fed remains in league with the bankers. Instead of calling for more wage and income equity, former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan calls for less. Our skilled workers earn too much, Greenspan laments, and he offers a “solution”—open the floodgates and let a tidal wave of foreign workers in to compete for those jobs. “The reason I look for bringing skilled immigrants in is we pay the highest skilled wages in the world. We would attract a large coterie of very skilled people. The increase in supply would suppress the wage levels of the skilled and bring the degree of inequality back more into line,” Greenspan told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

If Warren Buffett’s poor secretary is feeling the pinch now, wait until she is replaced with a worker willing to take half or a third of her wage.

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