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Cop who pulled gun at haunted house no 'ghost hunter'

A real-life fright was delivered at a Halloween haunted house--but this time, it was the customer scaring the employee.

Sgt. Eric Janik, 37, was charged with assault and reckless endangerment for pointing his service handgun at the worker, who was dressed as Leatherface, the killer from "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"...

Regular readers, both here at Gun Rights Examiner and at my online journal, The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance, are familiar with a feature I call "The Only Ones Files." So-named after Lee Paige, a DEA agent who told a group of schoolchildren he was "the only one in this room professional enough" to carry a gun, and who then proceeded to shoot himself in the foot, its purpose is not to bash cops, but to illustrate that they are not automatically more trustworthy to carry a gun than the rest of us.

Let's examine the rest of the allegations and see if Sgt. Janik, who we may assume by his rank and age has significant experience, exhibited the type of responsible behavior meriting special deference in regard to being armed.

According to charging documents, Janik smelled of alcohol and told police two different stories about what he did with the gun. First, he denied drawing the weapon, but later he said he pointed it at the ground.

Morrison and two other witnesses told police that Janik pointed the gun at Morrison's chest.

So in addition to assault and reckless endangerment, we have public intoxication and falsification of a police report? Will those charges follow?

The Baltimore Sun posted a video from CBS WJZ-13. Click here to read their account and watch the report.

Two additional items stick out:

Janik's group...included a female city police officer...


The report also stated that Janik had slurred speech, but officers did not administer a breath test.

So we're to assume a fellow officer knew he was armed and had been drinking, yet did nothing about it. And we're to further assume that not collecting actual evidence of intoxication by investigating officers is standard department procedure?

Just a few bad apples in the bobbing tub? And we're to assume these are the "Only Ones" we can trust?

Neat trick.


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