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OK - Protecting Children From Predators

And the reporter fails to mention that NO sex offender registry, nor residency restrictions would prevent sexual abuse. Studies show that 90% or more of all sexual crimes, occur in the victims own home. So you need to be looking out for your own family members, not some stranger.

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Many of us have an idea of who may be a sexual predator. Many times we think of a stranger as the threat, but in about 9 out of every ten cases the child molesters are someone the child knows.

A green country mother told FOX23 about her family’s tragedy. She found out two of her children were molested by her husband, the father and step-father of her son and daughter.

She says she had no idea there was a problem until her son finally told her after he had been abused for 8 years.

She said, “I absolutely felt terrible guilt that I did not know. I thought I was the most over protective parent with all four of my children I though that I was protecting my children the best that I could and had no idea that it was happening in my own home.”

Child abuse expert Sharon Doty says the mother is like many parents out there who don’t know how child molesters work.

Doty says most times, children are defenseless because predators groom children and trick them into trusting them.

Doty says parents need to watch out for some red flags as signs adults may be a threat to your child.

She says look out for “adults who aggressively reach out to and touch children rather than letting the kids initiate the contact. A responsible adult is not going to run over and hug a kid and grab hold of the kid.”

Also, watch out for adults that “seem to have children isolated or away from the group. Those are also situations you want to interrupt or make sure your child is not engaged in.”

The mother of two children who became victims of sexual abuse says other parents need to know that the dangerous predator may be much closer than you think.

She said, “It could be a relative, it could be your neighbor. It’s not going to be the guy with the shades in the raincoat at the park.”

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