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TSA Scanner Proof Undies

There's plenty of concern surrounding TSA's latest round of airport security measures -- from your basic privacy issues, health concerns related to repeated exposure to radiation, and the question of whether touching someone's "junk" in the name of security is considered sexual assault -- but one enterprising entrepreneur says he could give airline passengers some peace of mind.

Rocky Flats Gear, a company based in Las Vegas is offering special underwear and pads to flying travellers looking to protect their 'junk' from TSA's highly controversial 3D body scanners. (Video: Rocky Flats Gear)

Denver's KCNC has the story.

NATHAN: "This specialized underwear comes in all shapes and sizes. For example, these pads made of metals can be placed inside a bra, or for the guys, the fig leaf design has the same flexible properties. ...
BUSKE: "Machine washable, lead free, easy to apply to a garment."
NATHAN: "But there is a serious issue for Buske -- he insists his product is not about politics, but all about protecting the health of your body from radiation."

Men can choose either 'briefs' or 'boxers', each with a fig leaf over the parts of most concern, and women's designs come with either just leaves or leaves with hands on either side of them. They also offer padded bras or pads that can be worn inside any bra. (Photos: KFDM)

Tech Herald answers a basic question -- will it get in the way of things security guards actually need to see?

"[W]hilst wearers may have their blushes spared by donning Buske's somewhat disruptive garments, the inventor insists the metal inserts within the leaves will not hide anything potentially incriminating from TSA screening staff."

A writer on Gather says it doesn't matter if the enhanced undergarments still allow TSA to see all they need to see -- it's probably not going to 'fly' with them.

"If nothing else, it may have a peak in sales until some old lady is made to strip down naked. ... Will it be a ticket out of the line, or will you get pulled for a more embarrassing pat down? If people are being made to take off their prosthetic devices, this underwear won't work."

Finally, a writer for the New York Post reminds us -- there's still no getting around security's more "hands on" approaches.

"[The] undies won't save you from the TSA's backup screening method -- the pat-down."

TSA insists radiation from its body scanners is not harmful.

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