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240 reasons not to Vote republican this election, 81 more entries

Continuing from our previous list of 151 reasons, here are 81 more reasons not to vote republican this election, Basically they have created a system rotten to the core. Enjoy

152. An unreported leak of highly enriched uranium
153. Shoddy armoring kits for Humvees from defense contractors
154. Senator David Vitter (a family values conservative who likes to visit prostitutes)
155. Hedge fund profits while huge are taxed at lower rates
156. MRAP, delay in deployment of IED resistant vehicles to Iraq
157. DHS employed Wackenhut for its security, a firm that just may be more incompetent than the DHS
158. Drug czar John Walters and Hatch Act violations
159. SCHIP (children’s healthcare less important than insurance company profits)
160. Alaska’s two Senators and one Congressman all caught up in corruption scandals
161. FEMA trailers for Katrina victims with high levels of formaldehyde
162. The White House declares that Harriet Miers doesn’t have to answer a subpoena based on a legal opinion by a lawyer who legally should no longer be in his post
163. White House says it will not prosecute contempt citations
164. David Petraeus mislays 350,000 rifles and pistols in Iraq
165. David Palmer (EOCC nomination at DOJ
despite poor management and legal skills)
Petraeus report (hyped by the White House but actually written by it and not presented by Petraeus)
166. Richard Stickler (opposed to mine safety regulation nominated to head Mine Safety)
167. Senator Larry Craig arrested for soliciting sex with a male police officer
168. Auditor of no bid KBR Iraq contract demoted after discovering corruption
169. Invocation of state secrets by the government to prevent suits (usually involving 4th Amendment violations) from going forward.
170. Consumer Products Safety Commission gutted (hope you like Chinese poison in your products)
171. Iraq met few of the Bush Administration’s own benchmarks
172. Six nuclear tipped cruise missiles flown across US in massive security breach
173. DOJ announces it will not prosecute Chiquita Banana executives for paying off Columbian terrorists
174. Alexis Debat neocon terrorism expert caught making up numerous interviews
175. Howard Krongard (State IG more interested in covering up department misdeeds)
176. Telecoms involved in warrantless wiretapping are represented by former government officials and protected by current officials who used to work for them
177. Turbulence, an NSA/DHS intrusive cyber surveillance program
178. Failure to spend funds to exonerate individuals through DNA testing
179. CIA Director investigates his own Inspector General
180. Downing Street memo (Bush determined to go to war, non-coverage by US press)
181. Dyncorp was given a billion dollars to train the Iraqi police force (We all know how well that turned out)
182. Abdallah Higazy mistakenly arrested and held after 9/11
183. Holy Land Foundation accused of funding terrorists; signature case ends in big mistrial
184. Medical contract for National Guard let to inferior cronies company
185. Fake FEMA news conference about the agency’s response to the Southern California wildfires
186. NIE summaries no longer to be released because Bush, Chennies and Rumsfeilds mistakes caught out years ealier.
187. Donald Vance (whistleblower) held for 3 months without charge by US military
188. Stacking the Commission on Civil Rights with Republicans
189. Bush visit and “free speech” zones
190. Right to kidnap foreign nationals even of countries with an extradition treaty
191. White House logs declared a state secret
192. Torture tapes made then destroyed
193. Social Security disability backlogs growing at phenomenal rate
194. Increasing mental health needs in US Army after service in Iraq and military lack of recognition of it.
195. KBR employee raped in Iraq held against will by KBR
196. Another data base on American citizens, this one an FBI biometric system
197. Eric Andell (Education) in travel scandal
198. John Korsmo illegal campaign event
199. Bush job creation (whoops, not according to Bureau of Labor Statistics)
200. US Attorney Chris Christie steering contracts
201. FBI not paying phone bills for wiretaps
202. DC Circuit court says torture is OK; detainees not persons
203. Boats that don’t float. (Just ask the coast guard and their contractors commissioned by homeland security)
204. More incompetence at the VA, a laptop was stolen from the home of a VA analyst in Aspen Hill, Maryland. It contained personal information, such as names, birth dates, and Social Security numbers, on 26.5 million veterans going back to 1975
205. Soaring oil and gas prices
206. John Bolton, International Man of Disaster (way to piss off the entire UN)
207. A buried report on Iraq reconstruction in 2005 by the think-tankRAND Corporation
208. A buried report on Great Lakes pollution detailing public health concerns
209. A buried report on privatizing US intelligence to which American intelligence has been outsourced to private contractors
210. Manipulating MANY reports at the EPA and assessments of the health risks of some 540 chemicals
211. Timothy Goeglein, a faith-based plagiarist
212. Substandard military helmets
213. substandard military body armor
214. Staying in Iraq forever (remember Korea? Yea, we are still there too)
215. Freedom of Information, Not any more (Executive Order requiring that “agencies shall process requests under the FOIA in an efficient and appropriate manner and achieve tangible, measurable improvements in FOIA processing)
216. Pentagon waste in acquisition spending (In 2000 the Department of Defense (DOD) had 75 systems in its acquisition program representing a commitment of $790 billion. In 2007, this had increased to 95 systems worth $1.6 trillion.)
217. Abuse in the government’s SmartPay card program
218. Nationwide Prison execution by lethal injection given by security guards and not physicians
219. al Qaeda safe havens in Pakistan’s Tribal Areas still to date, efforts have been uncoordinated and disorganized.
220. The Indiana voter ID case: Crawford et al v. Marion County Election Board et al
221. Conflicts of interest in NASA’s moon project: 6 of the 19 board members, including the Chair, were employees of companies working on the project and that 4 of them held stock in those companies
222. FDA loosens rules for drug trials in Third World countries at the behest of drug companies
223. USDA to no longer track pesticide use
224. Department of Defense can not account for billions it spent in Iraq
225. Pentagon aeronautics contractor supplies dubious products for aircraft
226. Failure of KBR to fix electrical problems leads to soldier’s electrocution, because a water pump was improperly grounded and electrified the water pipes
227. KBR dodges an audit and ditches the auditor
228. KBR exposed US soldiers to a carcinogen in Iraq, 250 soldiers guarding the Qarmat Ali water treatment in Iraq to be exposed to sodium
229. Political Selection in Justice Department internship programs
230. Speculation in crude oil futures markets
231. The anthrax attacks, a blown investigation
232. SEC to reduce oversight of international corporations and markets
233. Pentagon General lies to Congress about KBR Iraq water contract
234. Bush tax policy favors foreign corporations
235. Selling off the country’s roads
236. The Hubbush letter and a forged justification for war
237. KBR and forced labor in Iraq scandal
238. Republican US Attorney downplays Obama assassination plot
239. Labor Department pulls rug out from under corporate whistleblowers
240. More corruption in the government’s oil leasing programs

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