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Improvised Firearms + Zip Guns Gallery #2

Everyone seemed to enjoy the first gallery, So I figured I'd do another.

In case you haven't caught my intentions, it's to show that banning weapons and firearms doesn't mean squat to the criminal element. Collect and confiscate all the firearms from all the registered owners, "Dry Up" the supply, It doesn't matter. Evil minded folks with murder on their minds will find a way no matter what.

So lets take a trip around the world right quick, and see what other jewels have been crafted from trash and scrap.

A lot of these photos came from


Modified paintball smg - Unknown small caliber

Horse syringe zip conversion

Basic zip, .22lr flavor

Another staple gun conversion, but this one is tactical. 8 shot pepper box, .38sp, with laser.

Mini pocket gun, .357/.38sp


Modified airsoft pistols, these were confiscated after they were used to kill some local cows. They made use of nail-gun cartridges with home made metallic bullets.


Confiscated from a man found to be manufacturing these for a criminal group.


DIY automatic rifles, details unknown


Ok, Brazilian criminals have their shit sewn up dude. These guys aren't playing.

Collection of Mac-10 based machine pistols

Another Mac-10 tribute

Sheet metal construction auto

Unknown detail

Yeah, They like them some Mac-10


Known simply as the "Baby Gun", this little guy helped out the Danish resistance.


These were captured at a home-run factory in Northern Ireland. Apparently the guy had been producing them for 20 years.



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