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What's Coming to Egypt : Islam

What’s Coming to Egypt: Islam!
by Alamgir Hussain

Many of us, who treasure liberty and democracy, are thrilled by the ongoing people’s revolution on the streets of Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen and other Middle Eastern nations, headed by dictatorial regimes that are friendly toward the infidel world (in Iran and Gaza, no such protests). The following facts, gathered by a Pew Survey, should worry us as much as thrilled are the revolutionaries.

According to a recent Pew survey (April – May 2010) reported by Reuters:

20% percent had a favourable view of Al-Qaeda
18% had confidence in Osama bin Laden (though it has fallen from 27% a few years ago

49% are favorable of Hamas
30% are favorable of Hezbollah
On Islamic punishments:

54% wants segregation of men and women in workplace
82% wants adulterers be stoned
84% wants death penalty for apostates from Islam
77% favors flogging or amputation of the hands of thieves
On the prefered system of governance:

59% prefered democracy to any other kind of government.
22% said a non-democratic system be preferable in certain circumstances.
Above facts may give us an inkling to at least a part of the people’s discontent against the reigning dictators, who tries to maintain friendly relations with infidel nations and even show their inclination toward recognizing Israel.

People certainly want democracy, and they will probably get it — in terms of putting the next government in power. What would come subsequently remains to be seen, although it seems all too clear already to the discerning mind.

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