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Kids for Cash - Harvard, Yale Law Deans again asked to opine regarding alleged large scale fraud in US courts’ computers.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, and New Haven, Connecticut, April 2 – Harvard law school dean Robert Post and Yale law school dean Martha Minow were again requested by Human Rights Alert, a Los Angeles, California NGO, to review the evidence and provide their opinions regarding alleged large-scale fraud in the US Courts computer systems – PACER and CM/ECF, which were installed over the past decade. [1] The request came in conjunction with discussion of the Kids for Cash scandal in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, and its counterpart – the Rampart scandal (1998-2000) in Los Angeles County California, recorded at the online ABA (American Bar Association) Journal site. [2] Dr Joseph Zernik, Los Angeles County resident, and founder of Human Rights Alert, raised the question of refusal of the FBI and US Department of Justice to address the false imprisonment of thousands of Rampart FIPs (Falsely Imprisoned Persons) for over a decade in Los Angeles County, California, while prosecuting the alleged racketeering of judges in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, under similar circumstances.
In his repeat request for opinions, forwarded to deans Post and Minow, Dr Zernik further noted that the matters underlying the Los Angeles Rampart scandal came for review before the US District Court, Central District of California in litigation of US v City of LA et al (2:00-cv-11769). The outcome of that litigation was the June 2001 Consent Decree, which served as the purported legal foundation for the office of Overseer for Civil Rights (2001-2009) in Los Angeles. However, Dr Zernik alleged that the Consent Decree itself was subjected to the typical fraud in PACER and CM/ECF. It appears as a valid court record in PACER, but Dr Zernik alleged that it was never truly entered and authenticated in CM/ECF. Key provisions of the Consent Decree were later never enforced by the Overseer. Such Consent Decree was alleged by Dr Zernik as void, not voidable court record, which was deemed as void by the Court itself. However, it was posed in PACER as a false and deliberately misleading record for public consumption. Furthermore, Dr Zernik stated that the US District Court, Central District of California, now denied access to the records of the case with no explanation at all.
Given the severity of the allegations, and the clear example of their disastrous outcomes, Dr Zernik expressed his hope that the Harvard and Yale law schools deans would reconsider the request for opinions regarding alleged large-scale fraud in the US courts computer systems, which affected abuse of the Human, Constitutional, and Civil Rights of all who reside in the US.
On April 19, 2010, Human Rights Alert submitted its report to the United Nations as part of the first ever Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Human Rights in the United States, pending November 2010. [3] The report cited the alleged large-scale fraud in the US and states court computers as a key enabling factor in the abuse of the Human Rights of the people of the United States. The report called for publicly accountable validation (certified functional logic verification) of such computer systems in the courts and in correctional institutions.

[1] Repeat request for Harvard Law Dean Robert Post and Yale Law Dean Martha Minow opinions regarding alleged large-scale fraud in the US Courts newly installed computer systems – PACER and CM/ECF.
[2] Online ABA (American Bar Association) Journal site – Kids for Cash – Luzerne County, PA vs Los Angeles County, CA.

[3] Human Rights Alert report submitted to the United Nations as part of the Universal Periodic Review of Human Rights in the United States, pending November 2010.
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