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Ron Paul supporters to establish 'Paulville' libertarian community

Paulville, Texas, is the name of an American cooperative organization as well as the site and planned community under its development in the badlands of north Hudspeth County, intended to consist exclusively of "freedom and liberty lovers". Paulville was named after U.S. Congressman and 2008 presidential candidate Ron Paul, and the cooperative is modeled on his often libertarian ideas.

The Paulville site consists of 500 acres of undeveloped salt flats outside of city limits, located south-southwest of rural Dell City, Texas (population 413 in 2000), north of U.S. Route 180, and an hour east of El Paso. It is also 770 miles from Paul's East Texas office of Lake Jackson. The organizers say 50 acres have been purchased to date. Photos reveal the range of the Guadalupe Mountains 15 miles east, and the local area has occasional deer and tumbleweeds. The mountain area is also noted for elk, coyotes, jack rabbits, desert cottontails, ring-tailed ground squirrels, and gray foxes. Another mountain range looms just west.

Planners have raised the Paulville town sign and are establishing septic and electrical systems on a unique opt-out basis reflective of principles of individualism: citizens are not required to use the cooperative's water and energy supplies and may choose to live off-grid. Members say they chose the West Texas plot for its high amount of sunshine, favoring off-grid solar panels.

About the West Texas location:

The West Texas Community was selected for it's warm climate and great solar and wind generation capabilities, along with low cost of establishment. Close to the small agricultural community of Dell City, Texas in Hudspeth county.

Hudspeth county has no building codes, this is important to people who want to experiment with alternative building technologies such as straw bale, rammed earth, papercrete an other non traditional building styles for these off grid homes.

Many investors of this property are seeking off grid technologies such as solar and wind power, realizing true freedom is when you have no obligations to pay and or rely on the grid for services like electricity. However most investors are very technology orientated and will have needed convenience items such as cell phones and internet connections.

The climate in this location is arid, meaning low humidity and low rainfall. However their is a large aquifer under this property, the very same one that Dell City uses to grow all it's crops. Average temps range mid 90's in the summer and low 30's in the winter due to it's 4,000 foot elevation, making for not too hot of summers and not too cold of winters. The great solar exposure makes for easy passive solar heating and long growing seasons.


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