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Food Stamps, Obama bucks, Handouts, Etc

When money gets tight — not that a single mother raising five children and going to college ever has plenty of it — Roxanne Cole drives to a discount grocery store 90 minutes away. (Why have five kids if you can't afford to feed one?)

Cole, 29, of the Hill District worked out the math and said she can stretch her food stamp money far enough at the Clarion County store that it's worth the cost of gas. (I guess its the government's fault that there aren't enough discount grocery stores in her area?)

Cole works full time as an addiction counselor and part time as an honors student in the University of Pittsburgh's master's degree program for social work. She's among 1.3 million people (losers) in Pennsylvania, and 32 million nationwide, receiving food stamps.

The program is poised for a historic expansion with the addition (theft) of $20 billion in federal stimulus money. About $400 million, or 2 percent, of that will be lost to fraud (double theft), according to government estimates.

Even in Pennsylvania, which federal agencies say has the lowest percentage of fraud among states with more than a million people (losers) receiving food stamps, investigators found $1.6 million in alleged fraud last year, out of almost $1.4 billion spent — a fraud rate of about 0.1 percent. Pennsylvania has one of the country's toughest application processes for food stamps. (LOL... yeah right... all you need is a pulse and to be a loser)

"I get angry when I hear people defrauding the system," (I get angry knowing that your loser leaching ass isn't on the streets where you belong) Cole said, "because I know what I'm trying to do and what other people that I know are trying to do." Her benefits likely will be cut to about one-third because she recently was hired full time and reported her income change to the state, as required by law. "That's what it's for, and I appreciate that."

Anti-hunger advocates (funny name... you mean communists using a smoke screen to hide their distributional ideology?) argue that needy families pay the price for fraud. Barriers meant to keep out criminals are discouraging or blocking legitimate recipients from getting aid, said Joni Rabinowitz, co-director of the Pittsburgh nonprofit Just Harvest.

"It's easier to get a driver's license than food stamps," (total BS... you have to be responsible to get a license) said Joel Berg, a top official in the assistance program during President Clinton's administration. "You can do a lot of damage with a driver's license. ... To my knowledge, no one has died in a food stamps-fraud accident."

People who fraudulently get benefits skim an estimated 2 percent of all spending on food stamps, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which administers the program. Last year, that would have amounted to about $753 million — almost as much as the $754 million increase Pennsylvania will get from the stimulus bill.

Let it be known that Markus Marone does not agree with the naive 2% figure here. He is a expert in foodstampology as he has lived right next to section-8 food stamp losers all his life and saw them buy cigarettes, blunts, rolling papers, lottery tickets, and 40s with food stamps all the time. More like 50%. Food stamps = total joke. Anyone who thinks that food stamps actually help prevent hunger is a naive, out-of-touch limousine liberal or a crack head.

- By Mike Wereschagin, Tribune. Colorful commentary provided by yours truly, Markus Marone.

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By: MarkusMarone
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