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Regarding the removal of Mullah Mansoor Dadullah from his position

Reply to 'The Decision authorities of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan removed Mansoor Dadullah from his position

Regarding the removal of Mullah Mansoor Dadullah from his position :

Of course, many questions have now risen as to why the leadership of the Taliban would do this. There are a few things to keep in mind regarding this:

1. The Taliban wouldn’t remove anyone from any post without a good and valid Shari’ reason.

2. The Jihaad does not depend on any individual; rather, it depends on Allah.

3. Whatever the reason is for Mullah Mansoor Dadullah’s removal, it is best for the general public to stay quiet on the issue rather than throwing a fit or continuously speculating or asking questions repeatedly when nobody is there to answer them. This is simply because doing any of the aforementioned can cause fitnah or unnecessary doubts.

4. The Kuffaar(atheists) media outlets have already taken hold of this issue mainly for the purpose of weakening the supporters of the Mujaahideen.

5. The leadership of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has the right to dismiss anyone under the law of Shari’ah regardless of the persons name or fame. The spirit in the Qur’aan and Sunnah towards the rules of leadership is to “listen and obey” as long as the leaders are ruling by Shari’ah. We don’t make a whole political or social cry about the issue as this is against the spirit of the Qur’aan and Sunnah.

Finally, we support Mullah ‘Umar’s decision to dismiss Mullah Dadullah because Mullah ‘Umar is the Ameer and this is his right.

We ask Allah to help Mullah Mansoor Dadullah in this effort of following commands and we ask Allah to forgive him for any shortcomings he has as well as the Mujaahideen.

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