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Russia Killing Abu Dzeit in Chechnya: WARNING! GRAPHIC
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PERSONALITY: Arab islamist terrorist ABU DZAIT.

There are 2 versions of his real name: the 1st one is Taufik Al-Jedani, the 2nd one Ahmad Nasser Eid Abdullah Al-Fajri Al-Azimi.

However, he became known as Abu Zaid Al-Kuwaiti (literally “from Kuwait”), Abu Omar Al-Kuwaiti or just Abu Dzait; other nicknames were “Little Omar”, Hussein, Moor, Persian, Abbas often used for radio communication.

Born in 1972.

Spoke Arab, English and Russian.

Was married to a Chechen, had 2 sons.

Kuwaiti and Saudi-Arabian citizen.

Abu Dzait was a Kuwaiti Salafist Jihad fighter and al-Qaeda agent operating first in Afghanistan and later in Chechnya and the wider Caucasus area. He even became an “Emir” of the Ingush “Jamaat”.

Amazingly, in early years Abu Zaid worked as a Kuwaiti actor in children TV programs, until he turned to religion and started working as an Imam at the Safwan Bin Omayah Mosque of Kuwait City, though he was soon sacked for illegally collecting donations from the mosque goers. According to some sources it is after this scandal that he was recruited either by some radical Islamic organizations or by the CIA (perhaps by both of them) and fought as an islamic mercenary in Bosnia during the Yugoslavian Civil War where he met Abu Kuteib – a Saudi islamist who later directed Abu Dzeit to Chechnya. In 1998 he first went to Afghanistan where he was reportedly trained at the al-Qaeda Al Farouq training camp, and then in October 1999 on to Chechnya. He was accused by the Russian government of numerous terrorist attacks, including involvement in organizing the Beslan school hostage crisis, but had never been mentioned by the Western media and never put on the terrorist list by the USA.

In Northern Caucasus Abu Dzeit was primarily responsible for terror attacks in Ingushetia – a Russian Republic bordering Chechnya. Abu Dzeit’s main functions was to provide Chechen islamists with funds – he controlled the cash flows.

Abu Dzait was personally responsible for organizing and financing the following terror attacks:

explosion of a VBIED on a military hospital in Mozdok, Russian Federation Republic of North Ossetia, which killed 50 patients and wounded 80 more (mainly conscripts of the Russian Army wounded in combat in Chechnya);

explosion of Tu-134 and Tu-154 passengers planes by trained female suicide-bombers (90 civilians killed);

Nazran Raid (read more here: (67 servicemen and 25 civilians killed, 104 wounded);

Beslan hostage crisis (344 civilians and 12 servicemen dead, 728 and 55 injured);

Attempted murder on Ingushetia’s President Murat Zyazikov (car bomb – 3 bodyguards and a boy standing on the roadside were heavily wounded)

Typical for the terror attacks organized by Abu Dzeit was that they were conducted OUTSIDE Chechnya in Christian North Ossetia and even Moslem Ingushetia.

On February 16th, 2005, an inhabitant of the village Kantyshevo, Russian Federation Republic of Ingushetia, reported to the police and national security service that there was some sort of strange activity in the house of his neighbour Mustafa Kodzoyev. Russian forces arrived, stole up to the house, captured Mustafa and killed two insurgents inside. In the course of the search a hatch to an underground bunker was discovered where Abu Dzeit was hiding. According to the islamist militants websites Abu Dzeit committed suicide in the name of Allah by blowing up himself but Russian officials claim Abu Dzeit was killed by a Russian grenade thrown into the bunker, otherwise he would have destroyed all the secret materials concerning extremist movements in the Northern Caucasus he had with him.

Multiple video and digital data were discovered in Abu Dzeit’s bunker which helped Russian authorities to identify 94 telephone numbers of other insurgents, as well as names and addresses of 200 more.



Click to view image: 'Abu Dzeit with Arab Mercenary and Basayev'

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Click to view image: 'Dead Abu Dzeit Killed by Russians'

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