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Hispanics kidnapping females + hero Victor Perez

UPDATED: Carrollton woman abducted April 5 at Woodlake Apartments

by PegNews wire

The suspect vehicle is described as a newer model Ford F150 truck, four door (quad cab), white in color, with no license plate given.
Two suspects of interest
Two suspects of interest

CARROLLTON — On Saturday, April 5, at 3:21 a.m., Carrollton Police Officers were dispatched to Woodlake Apartments, 3022 N. Josey Lane on a report of a woman screaming and “shots” being fired near building 5. Upon arrival, officers learned that three women in their late teens/early twenties had just returned home from work when two men approached them in the parking lot and a third man remained in a vehicle. Seeing they were being followed, the women began to run toward their apartment building when a shot was fired by one of the men. No one was struck by the gun fire, but one of the women, Anna Sanchez, 19, was abducted and taken back to the vehicle, last seen leaving with the three suspect men. The suspect vehicle is described as a newer model Ford F150 truck, four door (quad cab), white in color, with no license plate given. Witnesses describe the suspects as Hispanic males. The Carrollton Police Department is asking the publics assistance in identifying and locating two people of interest. Both subjects were at the victims place of employment and seen with the victim prior to her leaving. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Carrollton Police Department at 972-466-4775.
19-year-old Anna Sanchez
19-year-old Anna Sanchez

UPDATE: After a series of phone calls by the victim to her family and information from the business where Sanchez worked, Carrollton Police Detectives were able to identify the suspect as Manuel Jesus Fuentes. At 4:30 p.m., Fuentes drove to a Houston Police Department storefront and turned himself in. Sanchez was with him and uninjured. Detectives of both agencies are interviewing both parties and continue to investigate. Fuentes is being held for failing to register as a sex offender and on an immigration hold Charges for aggravated kidnapping are being prepared by the Carrollton Police Department. The identity of the other two suspects is still unknown.

Source: Carrollton Police Department

Woman describes horrific kidnapping ordeal
Reported by: Kyle Mallory
Published: 10/13 5:21 pm
Last Update: 7:17 am
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* Teenage woman describes horrific kidnapping ordeal

Police are investigating a reported kidnapping of an 18-year-old woman that took place in Forest Grove late Tuesday night, Forest Grove police said.

The victim, who was walking home from the area of Pacific Ave. and B street, told investigators that she was approached by a man from behind who asked her if he could ask a 'personal question.'

The suspect then grabbed the 18-year-old by the hair and forced her into a van, which had just driven up to the location. She told police the van was cargo style, green or white in color, containing painting and gardening tools.

There were two additional men in the van, the victim reported to police. She tried talking to the men, but was slapped in the face each time she spoke, said Aaron Ashbaugh, a police spokesman.

The victim said the van was then driven a short distance down what she described as a 'back road.' When the car came to a stop, she said she kicked one of the suspects and struck another with a tool that was inside the van.

She told detectives that she escaped from through the van's rear doors, running from the scene.

Another woman driving in the area asked if the victim was OK, and offered her a ride.

The victim did not immediately report the crime, stating that she was very frightened and too upset discuss it with the police.
Police are looking for the woman who picked up the victim. She is described as a white female, in her 40s, and having dyed blonde hair. She described the car as possibly being a Mitsubishi Eclipse, red in color.

The Forest Grove Police Department would like to speak with the driver who gave the victim a ride, or with anyone who may have seen this crime take place. Witnesses are asked to call 503 992-3260.

SUSPECT descriptions:
Suspect #1: Hispanic male, late 20's, 5'2", medium build, shaved head, slight mustache, scar on right side of neck.
Suspect #2: Hispanic male, late 20's, short, very heavy set, WEARING Los Angeles Lakers baseball cap.
Suspect #3: Hispanic male, 6', thin build, mustache.


Hero Victor Perez saved kidnapped girl from Gregorio Gonzalez, Fresno Police say

* October 5th, 2010 10:54 pm PT

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Hero Victor Perez saved kidnapped girl from Gregorio Gonzalez, Fresno Police said

Update: Fresno kidnapping hero Victor Perez honored by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Fresno, California, police say an alert and courageous man, Victor Perez, rescued an 8-year-old girl Tuesday morning after she was kidnapped the night before.

Police say the suspect, Gregorio Gonzalez, 24, kidnapped and molested the little girl. They say he was a gang member.

The girl was held captive for 12-hours before she was rescued.

Police showed surveillance video of Gonzalez’s truck on the media and that ultimately led to his capture and the girl’s rescue.

Perez recognized the truck from news reports and used his own car to cut off Gonzalez. Perez told KFSN-TV that it took him four tries before he was able to stop the truck

Perez said, "At first, I didn't know if it was him or not but when he took off, I kept up with him and I cut him off three times until I caught up with him here. And I told him, that ain't your little girl man."

Gonzalez pushed the girl out of his truck and took off, Perez said. He called police while he stayed with the girl. About 40 minutes later, the California Highway Patrol later spotted the Gonzalez’s truck and arrested him without incident.

Fresno police say that in about 90% of similar cases, children are killed by their kidnappers within 24 hours.

Police told the Fresno Bee newspaper that Gonzalez sexually assaulted the girl in a remote, rural area by a canal. He told her that she would be hurt if she tried to get away, police said.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer told reporters, ""I got to tell you that this was the highlight of my career, seeing [the girl] and her mom unite in the hospital room, because we beat the odds today because in many cases, we don't find the child alive."

Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin told KFSN. "To get a call just after seven that they found her, it is such a triumphant moment for our community."

Child advocate reacts.

Marc Klaas, the president of Beyond Missing, Inc., told San Francisco Bay Area television station KGO-TV, "

"The kids should always talk with their parents before they go some place. They should always be outside with at least one other person, as this little girl was. If something feels wrong, it is wrong and they should put distance between themselves and whatever that is."

Klaas’s daughter Polly was kidnapped and murdered in 1993.

Fresno is California’s Central Valley, about 3 ½ hours south of San Francisco.

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