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Religion of Peace?


The biggest success of the Islam is, that it will be seen as a harmless religon of "Peace"!

Islamic Principle of Lying for the Sake of Allah

Video Taqiyya

"Al-taqiyya and dissimulation are words used
for a practice of Muslims blatantly lying to non-Muslims.

consider the act of Al-taqiyya or lying to
non-Muslims to be a good work. This is very
important when one remembers that, in Islam,
salvation is determined by good works.

This means that a Muslim lying to a non-Muslim is
that Muslim doing a good work to earn salvation.
It is almost equivalent to a Christian accepting
Jesus as his savior.

A Muslim must do his good
works consistently and repeatedly to earn his
salvation with the except of the greatest work
of dying while fighting non-Muslims ..."

* Muhammad's SEXual DEVIANCY *

Muhammad could not controll his sexual urges;
he had many wives and councubines.

When he made the revelation that you were only allowed
to have four wives, all who men
who had more than four wives divorced them.

Nevertheless, Muhammad said he was the only one
who was exempt from this and he kept all his nine (9) wives.

The Prophet used to go round [have sexual relations with]
all [nine] [9] of his wives in one night
(Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 6:)

"Prophet was given the strengh [sexual] of thirty men".
(Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 5, Number 268:)

* Muhammad's wife - "Aisha Siddique" *

Muhammad could not even restrain himself
from having sex with a little 9 year old girl-Aisha

Narrated 'Aisha:
That the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he
consummated his marriage when she was NINE YEARS OLD, and
then she remained with him for nine years [i. e., till his death].
(Sahih Bukhari Vo. 7, Bk 62, No. 6)

The Prophet asked Abu Bakr for 'Aisha's hand in marriage.
Abu Bakr said

"But I am your BROTHER". The Prophet said, "You are my brother
in Allah's religion and His Book, but she [Aisha] is
lawful tor me to marry."
(Sahih Bukhari 7.18)

Mohammed was even sick enough to lust for Aisha
when she was just a toddler:

"I recorded that the apostle saw her [Ummu'IFadl]
when she was a baby crawling before him and said,

'If she grows up and I am still alive I will marry her.'"

- The Hadith Ishaq -

A Prophet cannot be a pedophile, no sane person is turned on by a toddler

The ugly truth ...

Now, little girl all over Islamic states
are being married off to old muslim men.

In these marriages, the man is legally allowed to rape his child-wife;

sanctioned by the Quran sura 4:34,
giving men permission to beat their wives if they do not obey him.

Sharia Expert Defends Child Marriage
Video - Sharia Expert Defends Child Marriage

* Muhammad's extramartial affair *
* The Hadith *
* (Bukhari Volume 3, Book 43, Number 648) *

Mariyyah was the maid of Hafsah, Muhammed sent Hafsa
[one of Muhammad's wives]
telling her Umar, your father, wants to see you and she went out.
(The Hadith Bukhari Volume 3, Book 43 Number 648:)

She returned home sooner than Mohammed expected
and caught her illustrious husband
having sex with her maid in her own bed.
(The Hadith Bukhari Volume 3, Book 43, Number 648:)

Muhammad slept with her without any ceremony,
which caused uproar among his wives.
Hafsa was distraught, feeling betrayed and cheated;
she ganged up with Aisha & his other wives
and ostricized [tergiversate, turn away from] Muhammad.
(The Hadith Bukhari Volume 3, Book 43, Number 648:)

It caused a lot of scandal,
so Muhammad later settled it by making his bogus Allah,
reveal more verses [Quran 66:1-4]
saying no none should criticize his beloved prophet.

* The Death penalty for Apostasy *
Muhammad orderd the killing of anyone who left Islam

The Prophet said, 'If somebody [a Muslim] discards his religion, kill him.'
(Sahih Bukhari 4.260)

Allah's Apostle said,
"The blood of a Muslim cannot be shed except ... [for] the one
who reverts from Islam and leaves the Muslims."
(Bukhari Volume 9, Book 83, Number 17:)

From Abu Dawud, Vol. 2, #2116:
"Aisha said, "The Apostle of Allah married me when
I was seven years old." (The narrator Sulaiman said: "Or six years.").

"He had intercourse [TO HAVE SEX WITH HER!] with me when I was 9 years old."

From the Hadith of Sahih Muslim, Vol 2, #3309
Aisha reported: Allah’s Messenger married me when
I was six years old, and I was admitted to his
house at the age of nine …

Death for apostasy is something that continues to happen all over Islamic Countires.

- Abdul Rahaman -

Afghan Christian convert tried for apostasy
after a Bible was discovered by the authorities.

Abdul would have been executed
had it not been for international efforts to save him.

* Prophet of God? *

If you are a prophet of God,
you must live a pious life and set a perfect example for mankind.

You must never lie,
cheat, steal or murder.

One be movingly compassionate and merciful;
to love other humans uncondontionally

Muhammad was a genocidal maniac,
a pedophile, who had slaves,
tortured people, robbed meccan caravans,
cheated on his wives,
ordered political assassinations
and the deaths of those who left his religion.

If you are a Muslim, please leave the horrors of Islam.

There is no evidence that this man was a phrophet
but there is tons of evidence that he was evil.

Christians & Jewish martyrs say; "I will die for what I believe".

A Muslim martyr says; "you will die for what I believe".

History - The Life of Muhammad
The Myths of Muhammad
The Myths of Islam
Is the Qur'an Hate Propaganda?

Suicide Bombing (Martyrdom)
Killing for Allah to Avoid Hell
Friendships with Christians and Jews


Muhammad's Sex Life
Islam and Sex

Human rights:

Womens rights:
Wife Beating
Proving Rape
Men in Charge of Women
Stoning Adulterers


Bible Probe
Daniel Pipes

The Religion of Peace
Jihad Watch

Politically Incorrect (Germany)

* Moderate Muslim? *

There is no such thing as "moderate muslims",
nor is there a "radical Islam."

The people being called terrorists are simply
following the Quran, Hadith, and Sira and the life
of Muhammad who spent his entire career waging
bloody slaughter, raids, raping, plundering and
taking slaves.

This is what Islam IS!

The sugar coated "religion of peace"
version was created for western consumption and is
a lie.

If Mohammed was alive today, he would be a member of Al-Qaida!

* Ex-Muslims *

Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain
BM Box 1919
London WC1N 3XX

telephone: +44 (0) 7719 166 731

Ex-Muslim video

"Would humanitarians like Mother Theresa burn for eternity,
but tyrants like Saddam go to heaven eventually just because they are believers?"

The Terror of the Female Circumcision in Islam

The well-known motto sutis perfect to the Islam:
Islam? A wolf in sheep's clothing!

Muhammad Terrorist or Prophet?
Apostate of Islam

Aricles about the Islam
What Islam Wants
A Remade of the Fitna Film

Stop Honour Killings

"... Most Muslims rely on their clerics to interpret the Quran/Hadiths
and generally these clerics give only a whitewashed version of the Quran,
for the sake/will of Allah, which is not actually in the Quran/Hadiths.

Many Muslims genuinely do not know the ‘True Islam’
and believe in the whitewashed Islam as true – but,
in truth, that version of the Quran does not exist ..."

The True Islam

*** Sapere aude! ***
"Have the courage to activate YOUROWN intellect"

Understanding Mohammed!

Sheikyer Mami


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