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Do you think those in charge of the world are concerned for your health?
Do you think governments run by masonic lackeys are interested in your health?

Think again, there is a growing and accumulative body of evidence that shows clearly the failures by the powers that be to address serious medical conditions that are brought on by the JUNK food many poorer citizens are forced to eat due to the high cost of good quality nutrition.

You don't see the ELITE NWO money men eating cheap food and drinking cheap booze. You wont find poisonous additives in the diet of the mobsters who have been getting away with poisoning the food and drink many are forced to consume, to line the pockets of the corporate food chains, that rely more and more on keeping food for longer and longer on shelves to increase profit. The additives ensure maximum profit while toxins build up in our bodies that cause chronic illness and ultimately early death or serious health problems in old age.

We list a few very important toxins that are definitely killing us and suggest you visit your local food store to see how widespread this practice is of using them to preserve food that is doing our health no good at all.

We should maybe mention the first toxin which we may be forced to consume everyday to survive found in water. CHLORINE has been used by Britain to gas its enemies during wars and is highly toxic yet due to failures of maintenance of water systems more and more chlorine is being added to kill bacteria and larger doses of this substance are ingested causing major medical conditions. The most susceptible is the fine membrane in the lung that stops blood escaping while allowing oxygen to enter the blood stream and the massive increase in asthma can be directly connected with this gas. Studies have found pool attendants with serious health problems caused by breathing chlorine gas from their working environment in particular serious lung problems. Bottled water is the only alternative to drinking highly toxic levels of chlorine now being used in water supplies. We have also sought information from those who have experience in the water industry who have highlighted the dodgy practices that make our water supplies unsafe for consumption.

Check out your regular tipple and see if there is any sulphite added to PRESERVE its shelf life? Have a look at the many cheap alcoholic drinks at a supermarket and you will find most contain this chemical. Rather than properly maturing a drink it is far cheaper and more lucrative to add sulphite avoiding the drink having a reduced shelf life and a major cause of lung function problems due to the effect this toxin has on the body. With the lung in many cases the first organ that shows signs of high toxicity levels in food and drink. Also look at the very expensive range of spirits and notice NO addition of sulphites ensuring only those who can afford the BEST avoid the unnecessary toxins that cheap booze ensures will guarantee health problems. Alcohol itself can create its own health issues if not drunk in moderation but becoming a habit by so many now wakening up to the reality of the world they are now living in.

Also check your food for nitrites, this is another toxin that seldom gets into the top of the range food products but is massively used to preserve the cheap foods like sausages and pies that contain poorer quality meats . Studies have shown a clear connection with lung damage and high levels of nitrites in the diet.

Finally vaccines that are a multi-billion dollar industry and increasingly being supplied by contract to government for epidemics created in some cases by the doctors employed by pharmaceutical companies to ensure the hype of a pending epidemic pressures the public into demanding protection . Additives like mercury being a major toxin and used to supposedly preserve the vaccine while causing internal damage to vital organs.

You don't need to go looking for these poisons they are all around you and if you live on a budget you are more than likely to be eating and drinking higher levels of toxins than someone who can afford to eat the luxury items that avoid the substances that are killing the poor while protecting the profits of the rich. A perfect example of how the New World Order and its elitist thinking undermine the lives of ordinary citizens. The legal and political systems work ONLY for the elite with masonic lackeys passing judgement on the contracts and legalities of these issues NOT the public with citizen juries and why we are in the present state.


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