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Tiger Woods in Sex Rehab

Pic of him wearing hooded sweatshirt,
holding cup of coffee, probably went for
a quarter of a million dollars. - Jan 21, 2010 -

A new paparazzi image of Tiger has surfaced (see it on RadarOnline), potentially ruining his handler's plan to release a carefully staged photograph of Tiger with his wife and children looking happy together."At the moment it's all about regaining control of the golfer's image," an insider tells me. "The plan was to let an appropriate time pass and then issue one photograph wide to everyone in the media showing the family back together."

"This was NOT the first picture of Tiger his handlers wanted the world to see. This is another PR nightmare for him," my source says.

In the paparazzi photo, Tiger is seen looking at the camera, holding a cup and covering his head with a hooded sweatshirt. It's the first photo of the golf great since his Thanksgiving day car wreck that led to his infidelity scandal. He's now reportedly in a Mississippi sex addiction clinic, according to Radar. Details From Inside the Clinic on Hollywood Life

Positioning a photo for publicity reasons is nothing new in the celebrity world, or Tiger's world. After the birth of his first child, Tiger released a photograph of the boy and proud parents to the entire world's media for free rather than selling his baby pictures to the highest bidder. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words -- or in Tiger's case, many millions!

But just how much could this new Tiger photo have been worth? David Leigh of Splash News, which sells photographs to tabloid and mainstream media companies, said in December: "An exclusive image of [Woods] could be worth a quarter of a million dollars."

"When he goes somewhere he goes somewhere to disappear. He is a very public figure and he knows what fame is and if he wanted his picture taken it would have been taken by now," said Peter Grossman, News Photo Editor for US Weekly magazine.

The rehab photo is just the latest blow to the downward spiral that has become Tiger's post-scandal publicity campaign.

Thanks to the the car crash and subsequent sex scandal, Woods has seen his reputation tarnished in a way that few would have ever thought was possible pre-Thanksgiving. His image was always one of a quiet, family-oriented sports star who brands like Cadillac, Nike and many others used as their spokesperson. Since the mess began, Woods has been dropped by several sponsors, put his golf career on hold, and perhaps even more important than all of those, suffered a blow in the court of public opinion that may take years to overcome.

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