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Homosexuals Attack Christian Photographer

Once again homosexuals who can't seem to confine their chosen behavior to the bedroom are attacking heterosexuals who exercise their civl rights of freedom of assembly, freedom of association and freedom of religion.

This particular bigoted hate attack was by two intolerant homosexual who demanded that a young woman violate her Christian religious beliefs or face economic terrorism in the form of a nasty financial lawsuit.

In New Mexico, Vanessa Willock, the ringleader of the homosexual attackers could have just hired some other photographer, but instead they sicced Big Brother to try to FORCE a young woman against her will to engage in homosexual speech, to be FORCED against her will to engage in their beliefs, and be FORCED against her will to violate her conscience and religious beliefs.

The planned attack against the young Christian woman began at Elane Photography when the company was contacted by homosexual bigot Vanessa Willock asking if they could photograph a “commitment ceremony” for Willock and her “partner.” The company, owned by Christian couple Elaine and Jonathan Huguenin, responded stating that they only shoot traditional weddings, and do not do “same-sex weddings,” but thanked Willock for her interest.
Then on the following say, the co-conspirator homosexual , Willock’s anonymous sex partner sent an email to Elane Photography stating that she was going to “marry,” without stating that the “marriage” would be between herself and a woman. She asked if the company could travel to the location of the event, and was told that it could.

Whats next, forcing a Jewish writer to blog for an anti-semitic website praising Hitler? Forcing a negro caterer to serve fruit punch at a KKK rally? Should the government force a videographer who is an animal rights activist to create a video promoting hunting and taxidermy? Force a caucasian printing firm to print caucasian hating pamphlets for the Black Panther Party or Louis Farahkhan?

Currently the law firm defending the woman from domestic terrorism attacks by homosexuals is vowing to take her civil rights case to the New Mexico Supreme Court.

We must fight back against these unconstitutional attacks by homosexuals on our civil rights of freedom of speech, expression and religion. If we don't, then pretty soon we won't have those rights anymore.

Homosexual extremist activists are absolutely determined to punish and terrorize people who refuse to embrace and celebrate their deathstyle choices. So much for their scripted victim refrain of "What does what two consenting adults do behind closed bedroom doors affect you boo-hoo?!"
THIS is how it affects us!

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