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Insane Anti-Ballistic missile from Russia

Inpatient should watch from 0:55 (No captions in English :( Too Bad! )
This missile has been developed in Russia and will be deployed in Russian strategic locations including their Exclave in middle of Europe - Kaliningrad. They are planning to deploy a missile as an answer to out Missile Defense Shield in Europe and Japan.
The missile is absolutely unique! It is 10 meters(32.8ft) long, 1 meter(3.28ft) in diameter and weights 10 tones. It is kept in silo-based launch contained. Prior to launch its cover is blown off and missile is literally shot out into the skies with enormously incredible speed! The launch is so powerful, that only after 3 seconds, 10 tone missile reaches the speed of 5.5km/sec.(3.4mps) and after 2 more seconds of flight, it reaches the altitude of 30km.(18.64mi).
This is a short-range last resort missile that is only fired when all 3 layers of their air defense have failed to knock a missile down. It has a maximum range of 300kn (184mi) and is equipped with a tiny 10 kiloton nuclear charge which would knock out with it's explosion wave any warheads that might be traveling together from a ballistic missile.
We are good at making high precision weapons and make great combat equipment, but those Russians are sure by far the best at rocket and missile technology (especially aerodynamics and propulsion) I read a lot about military equipment and was very surprised to find out that their Long range air-defense systems like S-300, now S-400 and soon S-500 beat our best Patriot system in rage by 3 to 5 times, much greater speeds, mobility, maneuverability and penetration(including trajectory).

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