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Richard Chad Randall Accused Of Raping 4 Year Old In Deseret Industries Store

Sandy, Utah

Richard Chad Randall, 41, of Sandy, Utah is accused of raping a 4 year old girl in a Deseret Industries store yesterday, Tuesday, September 7, 2010.
Randall, a registered sex offender is said to have lured the child from the toy section of the small, family oriented store and taken her to the men’s bathroom.
A precious 4 year old girl was victimized by a 41 year old pedophile in Sandy, Utah yesterday. The child was with both parent’s at a Deseret Industries store when she asked to see the toy section just a few feet way. In a moment, she had vanished, allegedly taken by Richard Chad Randall. It was approximately 1:00 PM, local time.

The thrift store, located at 727 East 9400 South, is not very large and is quite popular with families.
This is the second time in ten days a child has been raped in the bathroom of a store. Brandon Wayne Hutson, 22, has been arrested for allegedly kidnapping and raping a three (3) year old girl in a local Wal-Mart the end of August. He, too, is a convicted sex offender.

Richard Chad Randall allegedly took the child into the men’s restroom and secured the door. The girls mother notified the store immediately after noticing her daughter had disappeared and went searching for her. Employee’s and customer’s joined in the search and the mother eventually pushed her way in to the men’s room, allegedly catching Randall in the act of raping her child. She screamed, he fled.

Randall ran out the store and across the street to a strip mall—-customer’s chased him, tackled him and held him down until police arrived on scene. How wonderful that good people took the time and risk to get involved!
Sandy Police Sgt. Troy Arnold said:

“We don’t advocate people chasing after suspects but a lot of people just want to do what’s right. They must have heard the mom screaming and followed him.”
We’re grateful he’s behind bars and not out victimizing others.”

The little girl was taken to the hospital for treatment and eventually released to go home with her parents. The parent’s, of course, are distraught. We should all be. The rise in the number of sexual assaults on children is appalling, alarming and seemingly endless.
If we don’t end this ‘catch and release’ attitude we have toward child predators, the number of victims will be overwhelming soon. In my opinion the numbers are already unforgivable!

Randall was booked into Salt Lake County Jail for investigation of aggravated kidnapping, rape of a child and aggravated sexual abuse of a child. The 41-year-old man was convicted in 1999 of attempted sex abuse of a child that was reduced from a second-degree felony to a class A misdemeanor.

The above is a great example of catch and release. Had Richard Chad Randall been locked away for life the first time, this would never have happened. There’s no telling how many times he has done this and not been caught. Was he emboldened by Brandon Wayne Hutson’s rape of a little girl in Wal-Mart? Have stores become the new hunting ground for pedophiles?

As I have mentioned before, pedophiles are like wild animals when they come across fresh meat. They don’t care about security camera’s, whether they’re caught, or how much harm and trauma they’re putting a child through—they want what they want, and they want it now. Destroying your child is their only goal.

We must demand change, folks. We are no longer allowed to be vigilante’s and take matters into our own hands, so we simply have to insist that our children be protected from these barbaric, sadistic deviants passing themselves off as humans, especially in court.

What say you? If you have any thoughts on ‘Richard Chad Randall Accused Of Raping 4 Year Old In Deseret Industries Store.

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