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Putin: UN Libya resolution defective, reminds of Medieval call for Crusade

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Vladimir Putin has called the UN resolution authorising action in Libya "flawed", saying it resembles medieval calls for a Crusade. Russia's Prime Minister says foreign forces should not protect one side in what he described as a political conflict.

"Libyan regime does not meet the criteria of a democratic country by any parameters. Its obvious. I can't add more. But of course, its a complicated country, based on relations between tribes. It needs special regulation. The Situation in the country collapsed into military conflict. But it doesn't mean you or anyone can interfere by defending one side. About the UN resolution, which gives grounds for the present military intervention. This resolution is defective. If we look at what is written there, it becomes obvious that it allows everybody to take any action against a sovereign state. And it reminds me of Medieval call for a Crusade - when countries call on eachother to go out and liberate something. Now concerning the core of events. By the way Russia didn't vote for this resolution. Its obvious that this is military interference from the outside. But you know, I don't worry more about this military intervention - there are a lot of military conflicts going on - and unfortunately will unfold in future. I'm worried more about the ease with which decisions are being made to use force in international affairs nowadays. For example it has become a steady trend in U.S. policy. During Clinton's era they bombed Yugoslavia and Belgrade. Bush invaded Afghanistan. Iraq was invaded under far-fetched false pretences, Liquidating an entire administration, including Sadam's children. And now its Libya's turn. It opens with a pretext to defend civilians. But its the civilians who die under the bombs during air strikes. Where is the logic and conscience here?! Both are absent. There are already victims among the civilians. What I want to say here is that we want and we plan to live in peace with everybody. We desire not to quarrel with anyone and more-so to be at war. But current developments in Libya confirm Russia's policy of building up its defenses is correct."

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Added: Mar-21-2011 
By: Xenophon
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