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Lanesboro MA USA: Cole Brothers Circus Elephant abuse 6/19/2011

Cole Brothers Circus Elephant abuse 6/19/2011

"This video shows a Cole Brothers circus employee hit an elephant with all his might with a club. He actually hit the elephant twice, the first one you can't see but you can clearly hear the *whack*. The second hit you can see the employee rear back and swing as hard as he can. Friday June 17, 2011. I was driving through the Berkshire Mall parking lot where the Circus was set up. My son spotted some elephants standing near a tent..We stopped the car just to look at the elephants, and just for fun I was shooting some video on my cell phone. Suddenly a worker started shouting at one of the elephants. He ran up to it and started swinging and hitting the elephant really hard. I reported this to PETA. They have filed charges against Cole Brothers in the past and they are investigating this incident. Don't give any of your money to Cole Brothers Circus by buying circus tickets."

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By: dingledd
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