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Why did the white Americans of the North, cared to liberate the blacks of the South?

- The North was all about Freedom, blah, blah...
- Yeah, sure...

What did they NOT teach you in school:

A little story.
Once upon a time, the Spanish, as you might know,
discovered and concort South America.

But what kind of people were these Spaniards?
Outcasts, criminals, scums,
war veterans that had nothing better to do,
people that had fallen in disapproval
of the political situation of Spain, at that time,
even revolutionists.
Many of them had one more thing in their mind,
apart from getting rich (...and native women).
To become independent from the Spanish Crown.
Don't think of stuff like "democracy", "equality", etc.
They wanted their own kingdom,
with themselves as the ruling class!
As a result, rebellions were a constant problem.
After all, Spain was so far away.

So what did the Spanish king do about it?
He "liberated" the natives,
saying that they were Christians,
and couldn't be bought and sold as slaves, anymore.
What does this have to do with anything?

It's quite simple.
To make war, you need surplus of money.
It's an expensive business,
being a tough warriors isn't enough.
Were will the conquistadors find that extra money?
From the wealth that the native slaves would produce.
You take away their slaves,
you take away their money supply.
Quite cony, isn't it?

Now, let's go back to the Civil war
of what is now USA.
If the South wanted to rebel against the North,
were would they find the money, now?

Still not convinced?
How many years have passed since then?
Is a black man, nowadays, treated equally as a white man?
And I am not talking about the states,
of what was back then the South?
So, were their promices of "Freedom" sincere?

Just a small lesson of "Real World Politics",
for the naive, undeniably, US Americans,
as well as, for the rest of us, naive "everyday people"...

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Added: Apr-16-2008 
By: the_profet
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