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Russian FOAB Dropped on Chechen and North Caucasian Islamists: See the Results

Having approximately located the area where the bunkers of the islamists were situated, the Russian commanded decided to drop the famous FOAB on the area to have everyone within it definitely killed.

FOAB, or "Father of All Bombs", is the Russian response to the American GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb better known as "Mother of All Bombs".

However, the Russian bomb is 4 times more powerful than the American one (44 t TNT against the USA's bomb 11 t TNT), although the Russian bomb weighs 1 ton less, and has a blast radius of 300 against the MOAB's 150 m.

Russian FOAB is a vacuum device that yields the equivalent of 44 tons of TNT using 7.8 tons of a new type of high explosive developed with the use of nanotechnology. Because of this, the FOAB has the same destructive power as a small tactical nuclear weapon.

This makes the FOAb the most powerful conventional (non-nuclear) weapon in the world today.

Most damage is inflicted by a supersonic shockwave.

The pictures show the Russian Police and Spetsnaz troops moving into the area of destruction, searching for the dead islamists, whose bunkers were annihilated by the shockwave.

First, you can see Russians moving through an area where there still is some snow left. Then the snow vanishes - it was evaporated and blown away by the shockwave and its high temperature.
The sunny weather was also a result of the explosion's heat, later you can see how the fog comes back and covers the forest and the Russian spetsnaz soldiers return to their trucks left outside the target area.

The pictures give an insight into the destructive nature of the newest Russian weapon tested against the Chechen and other North Caucasian islamists.

The very first picture shows the test explosion of the FOAB in 2007.

You can also watch a video showing that test explosion here:

PS: The pictures of the Chechen islamists' bodies will be uploaded soon.

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