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Indian police shooting

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Chongkham Sanjit, 27, is circled being arrested by Indian police officers in Imphal, the capital of Manipur, a state in the northeast, bordering Burma. The arrow shows his short journey from detention to death

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Mr Sanjit (circled), a hospital attendant, was formerly a member of a separatist movement. His family said that he had left the banned organisation

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The suspect is seen being escorted calmly by the heavily armed commandos. He does not appear armed, as previously claimed by the officers

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However, a policeman is then caught reaching for his pistol by the photographer, who dared not publish the images in the local press, for fear of reprisals They are standing barely 500 metres from the state assembly

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Mr Sanjit, still apparently calm, has no idea about his impending fate

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In a sudden turn of events, his is hustled away by the commandos into an empty shop

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The armed officers look on as Mr Sanjit is dragged away to his death

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A few minutes later, commandos drag Mr Sanjit’s dead body out of the pharmacy

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His body is then thrown into a truck. Also in the picture is the dead body of a pregnant woman, caught in police crossfire during an earlier shootout

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