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Scientology Raid In Orlando

Honk if you hate Scientology. 3+ Hour Raid

Before you comment - think about what you did first. We could not be anonymous in public - we could not enter their property. Potentially, we prevented one couple from converting and it appears we drastically increased the stress levels of those inside and unwilling to share their information.

We tried to get one of their crazy tests before breaking out the signs - but they kicked us out. Perhaps the forced mistake of asking about an "M-meter" set off some red flags. Or our inability to not smile - they didn't seem happy. Not necessary entirely sad, just not happy.

Brought out or signs and started handing out information. A LOT of people, apparently, hate Scientology.

Some girl yells (while driving by): "Go Anonymous Go!" Go indeed.

Self proclaimed Buddhist woman gives us the middle finger and calls us asses. She says we should leave the country because we don't respect freedom. This, is ironic. We do not respect a murderous cult organization based on a pyramid scheme.

Two cars crash on opposite side of the road due to Thetans. No damage - No Injuries. They checked their bumpers - and drove off.

The guy that kicked us out shows up (must have left through a back door) to investigate our flyer's. Comes back a few minutes later with a camera.

Eventually, a police officer showed up. She spoke with the Scientologists for what seemed like a long time. She then spoke with us, and told us we were fine, just don't impede sidewalk traffic.

Officer says the reason she was called: "They feel threatened by having us in front of their building." Win.

Important looking woman in pant suit shows up - enters church. She occasionally points directly at the cameras while talking to people.

Shortly after - Scientologists turn their sprinklers on. Due to a drought, this is illegal at the moment. Apparently, they didn't realize we had been standing in the rain.

We continue with the yelling, cheering and general protesting.

Some woman yells: "Your god is in the volcano."

Paramedics use their horn. Lynx (Orlando mass trans.) bus too.

Scientologists prepare for "super secret Xenu meeting" as hypothesized by members. They close their blinds.

Man in orange shirt looks very pissed. We break at dusk.

We're tailed - a man keeps visible contact with us as we get to our cars. Some members report being tailed - caught on video. Video and plates to be made public soon.

Win? Small, but yes.

Next Raid:
Sat. Feb 2 - 3pm
1830 E Colonial - Orlando, FL

DO NOT WEAR A MASK - these are illegal here. Bring Cameras, signs, friends, etc.

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Added: Jan-28-2008 
By: 3v1ld34d
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