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The lesser known casualty of the Benghazi attack. R.I.P.

As many of us are aware, last night a barbarous act at the hands of insane theocrats took the life of the US Ambassador to Libya. Most of us have become familiar with the name Christopher Stevens by now but not many of us are aware of the name Sean Smith, and even fewer of us are aware of the name Vile Rat. Within the EVE Online community Sean Smith went by that name and as a representative of the Counsel of Stellar Management (or CSM for short), Mr. Smith with responsible for funneling ideas that the player base came up with to the developers of EVE Online for possible future implementation. As part of the CSM he was required to meet at CCP headquarters in Iceland (The developers of the game) quarterly. Vile Rat was a special person in the EVE Online community. This is because NOBODY in the game used diplomacy as effectively as he did. He was an exceptional diplomat and few people in the EVE Community knew that these exceptional skills may have had something to do with his chosen profession outside of the EVE universe. As an aid to US Ambassadors in Iraq in 07' and 08' as well as an aid to Christopher Stevens more recently, Vile Rat was responsible for providing IT services to his superiors. Unfortunately his loyalty and dedication to diplomacy would ultimately put him in a place where enraged religious zealots sought to take his life...and they did. As a member of the small tight-knit world wide EVE Online community this pains me and many others to no end. I wanted to type this here so people would know about this man and his life and his unfortunate and completely unnecessary death.

The Mittani, Head honcho of the Goonswarm Federation and one of the most well known figures in EVE Online, knew Sean Smith personally and remembers him here.

R.I.P. Sean Smith AKA Vile Rat 1978 - 2012

Added: Sep-12-2012 
By: GiygasFetus
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