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This is Islamic supremacism. The Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) is bent on imposing Islam on the free world. They are singular in their purpose, barbaric in their goal. Before they can go for the jugular, freedom of speech must silenced. The UN is an Islamic organization -- we should not be there. We should belong to a union of democratic nations. President Hussein intends to move closer to the rat-house. President Hussein intends to turn over huge chunks of American sovereignty to the Muslims.

U.N. to make ban on criticizing Islam mandatory? WND
Expected proposal would criminalize such comments in U.S.

Muslim-dominated nations at the United Nations are once again pushing a religious "anti-defamation" plan that would bar worldwide all criticism of their founder Muhammad and his teaching.

According to a report by CNN's Lou Dobbs posted on YouTube, the proposal that has been repeatedly brought in recent years by the Organization of Islamic Conference states is expected to resurface as early as this spring.

This time, however, the resolution wouldn't allow nations to opt out.

"The United Nations has adopted what it calls a Resolution to Combat Defamation of Religion," Dobbs said in the report. "The U.N. now wants to make that anti-blasphemy resolution binding on member nations, including, of course, our own. That would make it a crime in the United States ... to criticize religion, in particular, Islam."

Constitutional lawyer Floyd Abrams said in the report, "What they would do would be to make it illegal to put out a movie or write a book or a poem that somebody could say was defamatory of Islam."

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