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Meet Murali from India - would you like his job?  
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Hi Liveleakers, I was just watching some LL videos when Murali dropped by (literally).
Looks like a fun job - a combination of Spider-Man and Robocop.
He kindly blasted my balcony which wasn't in his job description - so I gave him a bonus ball - I think that means something else in the States!!
I wasn't really sure what category to post this under as its my first original content.
I opted for 'Yousay' and will follow that up by having a say - anytime I see a video of Sub-continent workers in Dubai there is a tirade of 'slave labour' / poor conditions etc. I asked Murali, politely, what he got paid and he was happy to tell me about $575 per month. A kings ransom compared with what he could earn in his village in Kerala, India. He'll work abroad for 10 years and go home a 'wealthy' man and he'll also provide for his family and extended family while here.
Yes in the past conditions in Dubai for SC workers was bad and some still are but they have implementied legislation and it is now much improved.
When myself and Murali finish working in Dubai or if we were to lose our jobs - there would be no welfare and no free accommodation, we would be invited to leave and go home. If we break the law or insult the culture here; we face a jail sentence followed by deportation. Islam is the religion here, although there are Christian churches to worship in. It is however illegal to preach Christianity.
What a great system - your welcome to come, work, enjoy and contribute - but when that is not the case or you break the law you are kicked out.
Where did they get this model? Dubai was a British protectorate until 1971 - they saw the way Britain was going with mass immigration and the problems that come with it and adopted a system based on lessons learnt on how not to do it.
The Britain of today is a mess, multiculturalism has failed, our polititians have failed us, it is time to implement strict immegration policies, to stop bowing down to Islamic ideology that is so repugnant to the vast majority of your population.
No model is perfect but multiculturalism works in Dubai, when you fail to contribute to this multicultural society you are sent home.
What sickens me the most is that, from what I've said above, I will be called a racist - my friends and colleagues from all over the world and from several different religious backgrounds would beg to differ.
And I echo Muralis comment 'Hello LiveLeak' my kind of 1st yoursay.

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