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Vatican letter revealed, proving Church conspired to conceal sex abuse

A newly revealed 1997 letter from the Vatican warned Ireland's Catholic bishops not to report all suspected child-abuse cases to police — a disclosure with the potential to fuel more lawsuits worldwide against the Vatican, which has long denied any involvement in coverups.

The letter, obtained by Irish broadcasters RTE and provided to The Associated Press, documents the Vatican's rejection of an Irish church initiative to begin helping police identify pedophile priests.

The letter's message undermines persistent Vatican claims that the church never instructed bishops to withhold evidence or suspicion of crimes from police. Instead, the letter emphasizes the church's right to handle all child-abuse allegations and determine punishments in house rather than hand that power to civil authorities.

Catholic officials in Ireland declined requests for comment on the letter, which RTE said it received from an Irish bishop.

Child-abuse activists in Ireland said the 1997 letter should demonstrate, once and for all, that the protection of pedophile priests from criminal investigation was not only sanctioned by Vatican leaders but ordered by them. A key argument employed by the Vatican in defending dozens of lawsuits over clerical sex abuse in Canada and the United States is that it had no role in ordering local church authorities to suppress evidence of crimes.

"The letter is of huge international significance, because it shows that the Vatican's intention is to prevent reporting of abuse to criminal authorities," said Colm O'Gorman, director of the Irish chapter of human rights watchdog Amnesty International. "And if that instruction applied here, it applied everywhere."

To this day, the Vatican has yet to endorse any of the Irish church's three major policy documents since 1996 on reporting suspected child abuse to civil authorities. In his 2010 pastoral letter to the Irish people condemning pedophiles in the ranks, Pope Benedict XVI faulted Ireland's bishops for failing to follow canon law and offered no explicit endorsement of child-protection efforts by the Irish church or state.
Policy in place for years?

O'Gorman — who was raped repeatedly by an Irish priest when he was an altar boy and was among the first victims to speak out in the mid-1990s — said evidence is mounting that some Irish bishops continued to follow the 1997 Vatican instructions and withheld reports of crimes against children as recently as 2008.

A third major state-ordered investigation into Catholic abuse coverups, concerning the southwest Irish diocese of Cloyne, is expected to be published within the next few months.

Two state-commissioned reports published in 2009 unveiled decades of coverups of abuse involving tens of thousands of children since the 1930s.

Irish church leaders didn't begin telling police about suspected pedophile priests until the mid-1990s. In January 1996, Irish bishops published a groundbreaking policy document spelling out their newfound determination to report all suspected abuse cases to police.

But in the January 1997 letter seen Tuesday by the AP, the Vatican's diplomat in Ireland at the time, Archbishop Luciano Storero, told the bishops a senior church panel in Rome, the Congregation for the Clergy, had decided the Irish church's year-old policy of "mandatory" reporting of abuse claims conflicted with canon law.
Irish church told to follow 'canon law'

Storero emphasized in the letter that the Irish church's policy was not recognized by the Vatican and was "merely a study document." He said canon law, which required abuse allegations to be handled within the church, "must be meticulously followed."

Storero, who died in 2000, wrote, without elaborating, that mandatory reporting of child-abuse claims to police "gives rise to serious reservations of both a moral and a canonical nature."

He warned that bishops who followed the Irish child-protection policy and reported a priest's suspected crimes to police ran the risk of having their in-house punishments of the priest overturned by the Congregation for the Clergy.

The letter, originally obtained by the RTE religious affairs program Would You Believe? said the Congregation for the Clergy in Rome was pursuing "a global study" of sexual-abuse policies and would establish worldwide child-protection policies "at the appropriate time."

The Vatican's child-protection policies today remain in legal limbo. It currently advises bishops worldwide to report crimes to police only in a legally non-binding lay guide, but it does not mention this in the official legal document provided by another powerful church body, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which continues to stress the secrecy of canon law.

The central message of Storero's letter was reported second-hand by two priests as part of Ireland's mammoth investigation into the 1975-2004 coverup of hundreds of child-abuse cases in the Dublin Archdiocese. The letter itself, marked "strictly confidential," has never been published before.


So let's review:

Pope to the world: "We will root out the scourge of child abuse among the clergy, and co-operate with authorities to bring these abusers to justice."

Pope to the clergy: "If you catch each other banging kids DON'T TELL THE COPS AND KEEP IT QUIET."

Just like Jesus would have wanted!

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  • All these pedos should just convert to Islam, it will no longer be an issue because it would no longer be a crime.

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  • This is so huge. The Vatican has been caught lying through their teeth.

    Full article:

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  • birds of feather flock together...

    Posted Jan-19-2011 By 

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  • Like Wikileaks... we all knew it was true. Dampens the impact a bit.

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  • What amazing two-facedness the Church is exhibiting. To say that you'll co-operate with authorities out of one corner of your mouth, then collude to hide crimes with the other.

    Why do we let this organization dictate morality when they themselves are immoral? These are the assholes who told Africa to stop using condoms during an AIDS epidemic, because it's better to die of horrible diseases than displease the holy authority! These are the assholes who gave Hitler blessings!

    Posted Jan-19-2011 By 

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  • Tell me something new! Irish boy sitting and crying outside his home. Along comes Seamus 'What's up Mick' 'My dai's just died' 'Oh sorry to hear that Mick, would you like me to get the priest?' 'No thanks' says Mick 'I don't want to be shagged at this time'

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  • Seems like underage sex is perfectly ok as long as you are an active member(no pun intended)of certain organised religeons. Hang 'em high, I say.

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  • *SHOCK* WhatwhatWHAAAAT??? You mean the old guys in the fancy silk dresses & the funny gats are queer a s folk? *SHOCK*

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  • religious fags is worse than un-religious fags?

    Whos going to hell here?
    The lying-fags or the truth-fags?

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