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Evolution or Mankind? Mass Wildlife Death Sweeps Globe 2011

Many can argue this. What if it was indeed chemtrails? What do you think?
notice the coincidence in the year 2005
Notice the die offs start at 2005-2011
Geo engineering Conference 2005:

B.R. Wells Rice Research Studies 2005 Northwest Arkansas for Eastern Arkansas Crops, usually farmland

USGS Mine Drainage Activities- Archives:
2005. Highway Cut through Pyritic Shale in Pennsylvania Produces Acid Drainage; ... Upper Arkansas River Basin Toxics Site ;
accident in 2008 Acid Mine Drainage accident in 2008 Arkansas after this they started spreading it barium via plane

Cloud seeding, a form of intentional weather modification, ... (passed Oct. 2005)

4.1.4. Vegetation and wildlife Despite relatively high concentrations in soils, only
a limited amount of barium accumulates in plants. Barium
is actively taken up by legumes, grain stalks, forage
plants, red ash leaves, and the black walnut, hickory, and
brazil nut trees. The Douglas fir tree and plants of the
genus Astragallu also accumulate barium. No studies of
barium particle uptake from the air have been reported,
although vegetation is capable of removing significant
amounts of contaminants from the atmosphere. Plant leaves
act only as deposition sites for particulate matter. There
is no evidence that barium is an essential element in
plants (Reeves, 1979). (No information is available on barium levels in wild-

Weather radar shows something unusual around time birds fell
the coverup about what took down in arkansas
John P Wheeler Murdered After ARKANSAS Weapons Test Causes MASS DEATH! check again the dates 2004-2005
is an obsolete gas weapon which was first developed by the Germans in
WWI. (We gave Saddam Hussein thousands of tons of this crap for use
against the Iranians in the Iraq/Iran war). It is essentially a "lung
agent." But, unless you get a really good dose, chances are it will not
kill you, but it will disable you -- Which is the whole idea. But that
is another subject.

"It takes some time for it to "reveal
itself"—usually a couple of days after exposure. By then, considerable
damage has been done to the lungs of the victim.

"Why Phosgene?
If you wanted to murder millions clearly you do not want it to be
obvious. So, you would not use some of the more lethal nerve agents
which can kill very quickly.

"Ideally, you would use a biological agent, and then blame the epidemic on "natural causes."

"So, how do you prepare the victims for this biological assault.

this is a multi stage weapon, the use of phosgene would make sense.
Here is why. Because of the multi year chemtrailing program, people
already have compromised immune systems. They have reduced levels of
Vitamin D in their bodies. And the presence of Aluminum and Barium and
other heavy metals, further retards the effectiveness of the immune
system. No doubt Phosgene will damage human lungs and if it is sprayed
in a low enough concentration the victims will just assume that they
have a bad case of bronchitis. The combination of a retarded immune
system and damaged lungs is the one-two punch prior to the introduction
of a "designer" biological agent.



Id like to add that Corexit contains Barium, and they used a shit ton
in the gulf, you are seeing the after effects now also with what they
are spraying on you. but to truly understand where im coming from, you
need to read all links ive posted in this description

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