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Democrats Admit Romney Schooled then Owned Obama in 1st Debate

Gov. Mitt Romney eviscerated a staggering and bewildered Barack Hussein Obama tonight in one of the most lopsided presidential debates in American history. Throughout the debate, which focused on domestic policy, Obama looked shaken, rarely looking at the camera, reciting old talking points and filibustering as Romney gave a master class at the University of Denver and schooled Obama.

Obama refused--as he has done throughout the campaign--to adopt the stance of the incumbent, and tried to fight as the insurgent challenger, as if his own record were not up for debate. But Romney refused to let him escape--and soon Obama began making multiple blunders, stating at one point that he had conversations with Americans about their health care “four years ago”--i.e. not since he has taken office. He even turned his frustration upon leftist moderator Jim Lehrer at one point, accusing him of interrupting him.

Privately democrat party managers are already conceding Romney schooled Obama in the first of 3 scheduled presidential debates.

"He was personable, funny, and relentlessly on the attack against Obama."

“We got our clock cleaned,” said a Democrat strategist who spoke on condition of anonymity out of fear of retribution for being truthful. The democrat strategist had reviewed results of polls and focus groups of the debate."

"Romney helped himself by looking directly at Obama when he answered questions. Obama looked at liberal moderator Jim Lehrer, which on screen made it appear like he was speaking to the ground.""Romney smiled and cracked jokes (“I like Big Bird!”). Obama smirked."

“Mitt Romney won the election tonight,” said former Clinton adviser and liberal James Carville.

“President Obama looked like a little boy next to Mitt Romney,” said leftist Diane Sawyer. And in a surprising tweet, leftist Bill Maher said, “I am donating one million dollars to the Romney campaign. He’s far better than I ever could have imagined.”

Leftist Rachel Maddow: "...yeah, Mitt won. He beat the hell out of Obama."

"Mitt schooled the man-child who could not even look Mitt in the eye! Mitt broke the protective media protection bubble around the liar-in-chief! The wimp-in-chief is totally worthless with out his Teleprompter!"

"Mitt Romney dominated almost from the start of the first presidential debate tonight, and he never looked back."

"Romney was relaxed and good-humored. He frequently wove into his answers stories of people he had met on the campaign trail. Obama, meanwhile, looked alternately annoyed and lost. He seemed flat. He grimaced and huffed when Romney spoke, coming dangerously close to Al Gore-parody territory. At times he veered into complaints about the nation’s education system and tax code, as if he hadn’t been president for the last four years."

"Romney seemed better versed in existing law and polices than did the president. At one point in rebutting Obama’s remarks on tax breaks for exporting jobs, he replied simply, “I’ve been in business 25 years; I have no idea what you're talking about.”
When it got to entitlement reform, Obama threw up his hands on Social Security, saying there wasn’t much difference between the two men’s position. It was an extraordinary concession on an issue that Democrats have dominated for years."

People commenting on Twitter said that Romney seemed more well-rehearsed and that Obama seemed to be thinking too much about his answers. Leftist NBC's Chuck Todd conceeded that Obama "wasn't crisp, seemed to lose his train of thought." And "Meet the Press" leftist moderator David Gregory says that Obama was "decidedly unfeisty."

Far left Bill Maher even conceded; "Romney won the debate..."

Leftist CBS News and GFK's knowledge panel recruited 523 uncommitted voters to determine the winner of the first presidential debate between Obama and Romney. Forty six percent thought Governor Romney won the debate and 22 percent thought Mr. Obama did.

When the conversation got to Obamacare, Romney ticked through the reasons to get rid of it, including its impact on job creation and the Independent Payment Advisory Board. He scolded Obama for working on Obamacare for two years, rather than focusing on jobs. Bizarrely, the president pointed to Romneycare in defense of Obamacare. Romney blew him back by saying his plan didn’t cut Medicare, didn’t put a board in place to cut care and didn’t raise taxes or force people to drop their current coverage. He stressed that his was a bipartisan effort. It was a stunningly effective performance.

Oddly, Obama defended the IPAB, saying it was a fine idea because it was made up of experts. Huh? Romney went back to skewer him on that point (“15 people telling us what kind of care” we can have) and spoke passionately about private-sector innovation. Obama looked extremely annoyed, stumbling when trying to mischaracterize Romney’s plan. He began to flail, complaining about Romney’s tax and regulatory plans.

Toward the end, when it came time to state what the role of government should be, Romney got lofty, citing the governments role was to uphold and defend the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and giving a subtle nod to religious voters (on “life” and “religious freedom”). It all helped cement an impression that he was more presidential than the actual president. He exuded compassion, saying that “pursuit of happiness” entailed taking care of others who are less well off.

Romney plainly was pitching to independents. On education, he managed to weave in Solyndra, telling Obama that the $90 billion on “green jobs” could have hired 2 million teachers. He also made an impassioned plea for leadership.

Again in the closing statements, Obama seemed to stumble and ramble, pleading that if reelected he’d “fight” for Americans — a sharp contrast to Romney’s silky smooth pitch on the candidates’ different visions.
Winner: Mitt Romney.

Losers: Obama, far left media talking heads who had already called the race for Obama and the Obama staffers who will have to explain to the president that he bombed, got schooled, then owned.

The democrat party leftists are already admitting Obama needs to overhaul his debate strategy after getting owned by Romney.

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